Here is a composed list of the most popular questions we get...

What camera do you use?

We currently are using an iPhone6 S. Good lighting is key to taking a great shot! 

How do you edit your photos?

We make sure to start with a good quality photo and enhance by exposing the lighting and adjusting the tones. This takes practice to figure out. I suggest playing with your photos. There are many apps available but you do not need an app if you start with a well lit image. Using the iPhone photo settings can work.

What did you do before blogging?

I owned children/baby retail stores.

What is your favourite carrier?

This is like asking who is my favourite child? I love a few brands and styles equally. 
Ergo and Lille are the top picks for SSC carriers.
Solly and Beluga for baby wraps.
Sakura and Mezaya for baby slings.

How tall are you?


How long will you breastfeed?

For as long as it feels right between me and my baby. I have nursed between nine months and two years for my boys.

What is your favourite stroller?

This changes all the time. Currently I love my Stokke Xplory the most. I think my Stokke Trailz is the most practical. And I couldn't be without the Orbit Baby car seat/stroller system. I love buying strollers and would much rather have strollers in my garage stall than cars! 

When did you let your babies sleep on their tummies?

At six months old I stopped flipping them over when they rolled. Prior I would not let them sleep at all on the tummy.

Can I put my Dockatot in the crib?

It is not recommended to do so.

What high chair are you using?

We are using the Peg Perego for our main chair to roll around and feed Apple in the kitchen. Baby Bjorn at our table when she is self feeding. And I plan to get a Stokke Tripp Trapp for her toddler chair when she is over one year to use at the table.

How do you get Apple to sleep in her crib so easy?

How do you raise such good boys? Advice on keeping them interactive in the family?

Blog post to come.

What do you eat to stay slim?

I follow a Paleo lifestyle 80/20. I do not eat sugars, wheats, dairy etc. I allow myself treats and when I go out do not make a fuss to be super strict. I do want to get invited back to friends homes for dinners!

A blog post to come.

Do you work out?

No and Yes. I do a five to ten minute session of exercise once a day. A light set of push ups, crunches and pilates type moves. I mean NOT much! I keep very active through the day and into the evening. Biking with my kids, walks and in general keeping my body moving. I do not sit and watch TV or anything during the day.

Are you done having kids?

Yes! Apple was our beautiful bonus baby.

How can I start blogging like you?

I have stumbled my way through blogging and am probably not the person with the right answers. I do suggest following your heart and passion. Only blogging about things you love. Be patient it doesn't happen over night! 

Why did you move to California from Canada?

Because my husband and I were adventurous and wanted a change in life. We vacationed many years here and wanted to live in our favourite spot.
 (No, I will not be opening a retail store here either.)


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