Sophie Harley Bespoke Jewelry

Monday, August 13, 2018

I recently posted about my new Sophie Harley stacking rings. A lot had asked me for more details I am writing this for everyone to see my pretty stack.

Sophie Harley does beautiful bespoke designs. I love that many are very unique and that they start at an affordable price for fine jewelry but go up to stunning investment pieces. Check out their wedding collection HERE

I got the individuals to stack. I chose to do 4 to represent having 4 kids. They stack comfortably and actually work with my thin diamond wedding band too! I think these designs are timeless.

You do need to know your finger size. I know mine off by heart. (Not that I have had many chances to tell Kurt the sizes sadly. He's behind on buying jewels for mama. hmm Kurt if you read this...)

I will link the individuals I got below... enjoy! Be sure to check out her wing collection. It is stunning!



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