Comparing Apple and Kingsley in the Britax Advocate...

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

I am doing a quick post for y'all to see how valuable the convertible car seat is. Often new parents invest a lot of money on the infant seat. The infant seat is quickly outgrown and that leaves parents questioning how much they should spend on car seats in the future. I want to do this post to help you understand that the next stage car seat (the convertible that is typically purchased) is really worth putting time into researching and investing money in. You will use your car seat almost daily if you are an average parent who goes to work, grocery shops, leaves the house, etc, etc. You want to have something that fits your car well and you can install properly. You also need to look for the ease of use bucking your child and your overall happiness. Don't forget the most important thing to look for is proper crash foams in your seat. They help absorb the energy and forces during a crash. (I will talk about all this in another post coming soon.)

We are showing out of the car but as a reminder. Buckle the harness snugly and chest clips need to be at armpit level.

Back to the reason for this blog post. I want to show you that the Britax Advocate Anti Rebound can comfortably fit a baby and an older child. This means you will get years of use out of your investment. Lets add up on average 4 years of use - starting at 1 year of age and changing to a booster at 5 years of age. Clicking your child in and out, on a once per day average (we all know that is light considering many moms drive their kids to school/daycare and that alone requires 2 clicks a day) You will use this seat 1,460 times! Now if you are like me and use the seat on average of 1.5 times a day, start your child at 1 year and use the seat until the 6th birthday you will use your seat a whopping 2737 times! I am sure we are clicking in and out more like 3 times a day average though. Now do you see why this stage seat is worth the investment?

I am going to follow up  in another blog post with chat about booster seats and why I wouldn't invest in a mutli function car seat for Apple that converts to a booster.

Kingsley is 48 pounds - 3 feet 11 inches tall and will be 6 years old in 2 months.
Apple is 20 pounds - 28 inches tall- 14 months old

She goes in for a kiss.. sibling love is the best!

King still has room above his shoulders to the harness height. Forward facing is at or above shoulders!

Side view shows how big this seat grows.

Recline rear facing mode. Keep your babies rear facing until a minimum of 2 years old. It is the law in California and I hope to see it be the law everywhere soon.


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