Knowing when to make changes in your life....

Monday, January 22, 2018

Hi, my name is Carmen. I am a recovering perfectionist and worry wart.

I felt compelled to write this blog post as 2018 is a new year, new me. I decided to listen to my husbands advice and not care what people think. Like AT ALL!

Let’s rewind a little. 3 years ago we made a crazy choice to move and change our lives. What we thought would be exciting and successful was actually quite the opposite. We jumped through hoops and finally in February 2017 opened a new restaurant in Rancho Mirage. After many challenges with the brand not being a good fit, our parking lot for the business going under construction for over 5 months and in general an unhappiness to the brand itself not being a fit for both Kurt and I we knew we needed to do something.

In December we had faced a big decision to close and move back to Vancouver or to make a change and rebrand. We were driving to LA and had 2 hours of sleeping kids and no distractions to talk about our future. In my mind the worry was what will people think about me? How will I explain this? I am a failure. But Kurt being the amazing husband he can be (sometimes… let’s keep it real here he’s no rockstar 24/7) he said “WHO CARES!! Carmen all that matters is our family.” It hit me that I was worrying too much about what people may think instead of working as a team to keep our family together and trying to make something work (Fox and Fiddle) that wasn’t good for us because others may judge.

We continued the conversation on our way home and we worked hard together to come up with DRINGK eatery + bar. Kurt allowed me to do crazy things like painting angel wings, having big marquee lighting, astro turfing the walls and so much more! And let me say this. It was the best damn decision we ever made! I feel proud of what we did. We didn’t hide the fact that what we once thought would work, didn’t work at all. We held our heads high and taught our kids about the importance to not stress about what others think.

Now we are packed busy in the nights! We have been on a wait-list many times so far.  I love our menu I created, I love the fun look of the design and I am actually enjoying working with Kurt! We got a chance to hit the restart button.

So, if you are in the area of Palm Springs stop by! And if you are in the position we were in, don’t let what others may think of you matter. If one dream doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean you are a failure. Closing or changing what is needed means you are putting yourself and your family first. We have one life to live so make sure you choose to live it for yourself and not others. Make sure you teach your kids about the importance with self confidence in the real world.


ps. We moved in December too! We just love piling on the work and living our crazy life to the max. And the house is a rental and smaller because we want to see how the next year goes! Not to be tied to anything because you never know... I may want to live in Van part time and Palm Springs.

Take this guys advice! Do not care about what others think about you! He clearly doesn't with his fashionista way and beard growing.


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