Tuesday, June 6, 2017

If you have not heard of Chatbooks you must check them out!!

They are these awesome mini photo albums that come as little books. So great for coffee tables or to stack on a bookshelf. When I was little I remember my grandparents always printing all of the photos they took and them organizing them into photo albums. Every year I went back to visit as an adult I would grab a few to flip through before going to bed. I can tell you looking through a phone is not the same! There is something so wonderful to see a memory printed forever.

As some of you may know I recently lost my grandfather. He went home to be with my grandma in heaven. I can't tell you how much it hurts to miss them both so much. (I know this is starting to get sappy and seriously when I was going to write about Chatbooks it wasn't even my intent!) This July I will be travelling back to Canada with the kids and I plan to go pick up some belongings from my grandparents home. Photo albums are some of the most important to me to get. In my early years my parents moved and in the mix of things many albums got lost and eventually when my dad died in a house fire more memories were gone. My brother visited the place to help pick up items and I guess pictures didn't really survive. I basically don't any photos but sure am thankful to have the ones from my grandparents. I always knew I would have them to look at when I visited and will now have them forever for my kids to see this summer. (Although I would trade having to see them at my Papa's with him over anything in the world)

So basically I am reminded how print is precious. How losing my phone like I have or the downloaded missing computer photos of the boys when they were little suck.

I knew I always wanted to get myself organized and I finally did! I bit the bullet and signed up to do my first collection for Kurt for Fathers Day. I thought for sure it was going to be painstaking and I would have to organize all of the pictures in order. I expected it to take hours upon hours! I was so wrong.

It turned out to be as simple as downloading the APP on my phone and selecting the photos to upload. I had the option to choose from my camera roll, Instagram photos or Facebook. You just scroll and pick your favorite photos and upload them. They fall into order somehow magically! They even gave the date at the top of the photo when set into books.

Can I just say my little buddy Kaeden looks so sweet with Kurt when he was little. How can he be getting his license in 2 months?

On the left was a photo from my Facebook upload - on the right was from my camera roll. Magic y'all! They are in order without me doing anything!!

Little miss needed to get in for some picture action. She kept thinking baby Kingsley was her in the photos.

Of course I had to add his "good day" photos. What man doesn't want to see themselves looking fine?

So in the end I totally recommend Chatbooks! It was easy. It was TOTALLY affordable. And it makes the best gift for people who have everything.

Check out more from Chatbooks and the special collections they do like Fathers Day covers and more!


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