Kabrita Goat Milk Yogurt

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I've teamed up with Kabrita to share Apple's favorite yogurt! If you have followed along the blog and my social media you will know we love their goat milk formula. 

I love the brand because they care about ingredients and the best part is goat milk is easy on the little ones tummies. Goat milk sounds so crazy and hippy! When people ask what she drinks or when I have friends see her yogurt packs I find myself explaining that it's actually a sweet mild taste and not totally nuts to use. It's easier to digest and who doesn't want that? I myself had a milk allergy when I was young so this would have been a great alternative I'm sure! (I remember putting orange juice on my cornflakes sometimes! Tang to be exact!)

Kabrita yogurt comes in convenient packs that your little one can suck. When Apple was younger I added it to rice cereal and fed it off the spoon. 

Yes! He really is taking a sip of her yogurt! haha

3 flavors include - Banana & Vanilla Bean, Mango Peach, Mixed Berry

I couldn't stop photoing her! She was so super cute in her yellow dress.

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