The Undercover Mama Nursing Tank...

Monday, March 20, 2017

I recently partnered with Undercover Mama to try out their nursing tank and dress.

If you haven't heard of Undercover Mama, they make a unique tank that clips on easily to your nursing bra. 
 You clip the strapless tank with your bra to create a nursing tank top. This allows you to use the support and size of bra that properly works for you! It has two styles of clips on the end of the tank, a hook or a slider as shown.) Basically like a tank without straps and the clips are attached where the straps would be. You can loop one of the clips around your bra or slide the metal clasp into your nursing bra strap.

If you pair of black tank top with a black bra it really becomes an all in one tank that is wearable on it's all out.

The dress has the same clip system built inside. The nice discrete flap gives you coverage where you need it and the lower part of the dress clips to your bra. When you go to nurse your baby the side you're feeding on is the only one exposed. (Which babies head ready much covers!)

The maxi dress is a great length, it hits my ankles at 5 foot 8. For a more petite girl it will reach the ground. It is made from a beautiful rayon and spandex blend that gives softness and stretch making it very comfortable. The body of the dress is a little looser fit so it is great for postpartum! My favorite part of the dress is the length of the sleeve! 

any bra + tank = perfect fit!

Up close showing the both clips.

Using the plastic ring.

Using the "S" hook

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