Kabrita Goat Milk Formula and Yogurt...

Thursday, March 30, 2017

I know... your first instinct is what?? She breastfeeds! How does formula fit her blog??

While I do breastfeed, I hate pumping!

I like having breastmilk to mix Apples cereal with. I also seem to never have enough left for the times I want to run out to Costco, grocery shopping alone or errands when I want to leave Apple with daddy. I've used formula for the boys for these times before and was planning on doing the same for Apple. However, little miss fussy would not take anything other than breastmilk!! She is my picky little gal!!

The Undercover Mama Nursing Tank...

Monday, March 20, 2017

I recently partnered with Undercover Mama to try out their nursing tank and dress.

If you haven't heard of Undercover Mama, they make a unique tank that clips on easily to your nursing bra. 
 You clip the strapless tank with your bra to create a nursing tank top. This allows you to use the support and size of bra that properly works for you! It has two styles of clips on the end of the tank, a hook or a slider as shown.) Basically like a tank without straps and the clips are attached where the straps would be. You can loop one of the clips around your bra or slide the metal clasp into your nursing bra strap.

If you pair of black tank top with a black bra it really becomes an all in one tank that is wearable on it's all out.

The dress has the same clip system built inside. The nice discrete flap gives you coverage where you need it and the lower part of the dress clips to your bra. When you go to nurse your baby the side you're feeding on is the only one exposed. (Which babies head ready much covers!)

The maxi dress is a great length, it hits my ankles at 5 foot 8. For a more petite girl it will reach the ground. It is made from a beautiful rayon and spandex blend that gives softness and stretch making it very comfortable. The body of the dress is a little looser fit so it is great for postpartum! My favorite part of the dress is the length of the sleeve! 

any bra + tank = perfect fit!

Up close showing the both clips.

Using the plastic ring.

Using the "S" hook

This post was sponsored. All opinions are mine.

My crib mattress of choice Nook Sleep ...

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

When buying a mattress for my cribs the go to was obvious to me. Nook sleep systems!

I have loved this brand for a long time and it was the mattress of choice I sold in my retail store. Simply a smart mattress system. The removable washable covers are soft against babies skin and there is no need for a mattress pad or sheet on them. Made from eucalyptus fibers they help make the sleep more comfortable by absorbing moisture and are breathable to help baby not get extra sweaty. The covers easily zip off for washing if you choose to place baby directly on. This also allows for replace my covers if you choose to buy a fun new colour down the road! Inside the mattress, you have your choice in being a completely organic option with the Pure (made with coconut and latex - I chose this style) , or going with the Lite or Air that are still completely non-toxic. All mattresses are anti-mite, fungal, mold, microbial, and odour resistant putting your mind at ease while laying that precious cargo to sleep. We all know infants spend hours in their crib from naps to nighttime. Nook crib mattresses are also perfect to transition to toddler beds with the great option to flip to a softer side. (Use firm for infants)

Our entire family has the Nook brand pillows. After sleeping the last couple years with our pillows I don't have to guess on how comfortable the mattresses are for the family!

Things to note :

Nook makes custom sizes and colour options. We had a mini made for our Stokke crib. I also plan to get a custom light pink Lilypad for Apple since my big boy stole the gray Lilypad we had for Her.(to put in his teepee!)

Nook has created a wonderful nursing pillow too! A personal favourite of mine. The shape fits me the best and I actually used it for support my entire pregnancy too. 

Nook will make a custom bed for you! Yes, a king size is available.

Nook is made entirely in North America. 

Nook currently has eleven colour choices in select models.

Nook makes a change pad for your dresser! A perfect space saver for those not wanting a full change table.

USE code Carmen10 to save 10% off your Nook purchase

Here is a link to a video about the mattress by Nook.

Our full size crib mattress in the Pure.

The Stokke mini mattress. Custom made.

Our pink nursing pillow.

Our white nursing pillow.

The stolen Lilypad. lol!

London on the Lilypad.

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