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Saturday, January 7, 2017

We recently received the Baby Brezza glass bottles to review. I was excited about the two part system and glass option!!
The Baby Brezza bottles are easier to clean and easier to use because the nipple and ring are an all in one piece! This means no searching to assemble the bottle tops when making a bottle. And it is cleaner because you are not left with gaps that can trap germs and dried milk.
The Baby Brezza comes in glass or a plastic option. We chose to try out the glass.

The ultra wide mouth is very easy to simple to wash without the need a special bottle brushes. This is great especially when a bottle gets left behind and you really want to scrub it with a good wash (washcloth). It's also easier to fill because you are not pouring into slim design. The ergonomic shape fits perfectly in the babies hands or the caregivers for feeding baby.
The shape of the nipple is wide and designed to be similar to the breast. This design promotes healthy oral development. A great option for moms who are nursing and looking to supplement feeds. I particularly love the vented nipple because Apple is not used to drinking bottles. She doesn't slow down her suck and the nipples often collapse for her. The Baby Brezza nipple did not collapse at all! Surely this will help reduce colic for young babies.
My overall review is that these bottles are great! They will be staying front in line to be used when miss Apple takes a supplement bottle!

The glass system is shown in the photo.

Enjoying a drink! 
PS. We use Kabrita Goat Formula when bottle feeding for those who may be wondering.

The bottle system and shape.

Wide mouth for easy washing and filling.

Up close of the one piece nipple.

No more digging for rings to match to nipples!

The vent prevents collapsing of the nipple.

She mimics the breast when feeding. A very good sign for moms wanting to go back and forth.

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