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Monday, May 1, 2017

The Naked Tank company is a brand that is known for their discreet tanks that layer under your regular clothing for breastfeeding. I have had my black tank since Apple was born and it has been great for under my sweaters and tee shirts especially.

(skirt by Buttercream Clothing in Canada)

The tank works simply by giving you the needed layer to cover up your tummy and back without the bulk over your bra. It is cut out so no matter what your bust size you can wear the body size that fits. This is great for the ups and downs a mothers breasts go through. The material is thin enough to not create bulk or overheat you but thick enough to feel good n the body and not roll up. 

No extra bulk!

You can see the cut out design sits under your bra.

The Naked Tank is designed with extra length to go over leggings. The racerback style is perfect when wearing your favorite summer tank or sleeveless top. Perfect to not show!

Recently, Naked Tank has launched a infinity nursing scarf. Many mama's love nursing scarves. Not only do they make you look more put together but they have function. No more worrying about forgetting your nursing cover! Simply drape the scarf lower and you will have enough coverage at the top or undo the scarf to drape over you and baby fully for a completely discreet feed. The Naked Tank scarves are perfectly light weight so you and baby won't be covered in sweat by the end of the feed.

With mama basics in mind Naked Tank is a great staple for your wardrobe!

The bamboo tanks come in basic colors like black and white. The cotton tanks are available in  charcoal and grey. The scarves are available in 7 different colours!

Simple and light when nursing.

Peek-a-boo after feed!

Naked Tank is proudly made in Canada!

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