Apple's nursery changed to a bright toddler room...

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I decided to change Apple's room into a fun, bright and girly room. She has a big personality for a little girl and this bold change matches that perfectly.

An extra special thanks to Newport Cottages for the most beautiful crib and dresser set! This bright pink was everything we dreamed of.

Flamingo from Target

Bedding from Kip & Co

I made the curtains with linked fabric. (HERE)

Pillow by Kip & Co

I added the "L" to customize the crib for London. (yup, her real name!)

Washable palm rug by Lorena Canals

Washable stripe rug by Lorena Canals

Doll by Cuddle & Kind (buy a doll and they give 10 meals to a child in need)

Change pad by Nook

The details on the Newport Cottages furniture are so perfect!

Nursery chair by Monte Design
Palm print diaper bag by Logan and Lenora

Poof was purchased a couple years ago at a store in Vancouver.
Flamingo print from GILT.
LOVE sign from Homegoods years ago

Clothing rack made by my oldest son.
Canopy was custom dyed and added pompoms by me.

Wallpaper by Coloray Decor.

Green dresser was from a yard sale we painted.

Pillows and blankets made by me.
Knot ball pillow by

Rug from Costco.

Clear book & cart shelf by Babyletto
Flamingo by Dream Gift Shop

Hallway office in a tiny space....

Monday, October 2, 2017

When you don't have a lot of space you need to get creative!

I have been working at the kitchen table, in my bed and in the living room! Pretty much losing papers and being disorganized weekly. It was time that I got my own office space but our house is tight on rooms so I needed to get creative! I also did not want to run out and buy everything new or spend a lot of money on setting this up.

After some thought and debate I decided to try and configure my office in the hallway just before you enter the master bedroom. I had this white slim desk in my master as a side table and it tucked in perfectly giving enough room to walk by.

Apple's is getting a nursery makeover and I had some extra pieces that worked perfect on my desk! Like her lamp and flowers.

This chair is compact and clear so it gives the space an illusion of being roomier than it is.

When you walk into the hall it flows with coordinating colors into our master.

Slim shelves and layers of items give it texture and function.

I think a good space is filled with what you love and has memories or special feelings attached. I loved my wedding bouquet and my office is the perfect place to display it!

These great silhouette pictures are modern and perfect to look like art on the wall. 

Finding note books that match your color theme keep it looking clean.

How cute is that wooden camera? I just love fun and neat things like that!

Every MOM BOSS needs this!

Without spending money on art and trying to give it a feminine feel without being too girly the hat racks worked.

Special photos and memories are the best to surround yourself with. They don't always need to be professional to be perfect to display.

This rack display gives me and excuse to buy a couple more cute hats!

This chair was once silver and a good can of spray paint goes a long way! It gives a spot for my kids to come and sit down while I am working.

Candles are perfect to help make a space warm feeling and smelling wonderful!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my tiny office! The hallway is 12 feet long and has 2 sections different size. Where my desk is it opens up to 6.5 feet and where my shelf and chalk board are it opens to 5 feet. 

Links for products

Chair HERE
Candles HERE
Hat wooden peg rack HERE
Mom boss sign HERE
Lamp not available (was purchased at a small boutique in Palm Springs)
Pillows, rugs and accessories from Homegoods

Our travels to Seattle and Canada

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

We just got back from a busy 3 weeks in Canada. I feel more tired now than before I left! We had such a great time with family and friends.

The 4 kids and I originally flew together to Seattle and a few days later Kurt came to meet up with us. Braedy took off to see his girlfriend and Kaeden went to visit friends the first week. Later on Kaeden met up with us and we continued the trip together. (Braedy stayed in Kelowna longer and flew back himself)

I want to give a thanks to the companies that provided great gifts and prizes for the meet ups and extra grand prizes that I will be given away this month! Watch Instagram for a chance to win a Babyzen Yoyo Stroller, Britax Car Seat, Dockatot Deluxe and Baby Bjorn Travel Crib!

Baby Bjorn
Bravado Designs
Canadian company Choto Baby (Glamourmom, Gaia, L'Oved Baby, Posh n Plush, Moby Wrap)
Maia Moda
Freshly Picked
Nook Sleep
Lark Adventure Wear

Here are some (a whole lot of) photos from the trip!

Seattle touring! My dress was from Asos.

Apple loved her robe at the Four Seasons Seattle!

The Four Seasons is the perfect location and literally the best beds we had the whole trip!
So many babies!!

At the meet up in Seattle

The prettiest picture wall! Apple is wearing an outfit from Janie and Jack.

 Some of the prizes and giveaways for the meet ups!

 The Vancouver meet up!

 Making new friends!

 Haley from Beluga Baby Wraps!

 So many awesome moms!! (thanks to the stranger who took 10 of these for us!)

Kabrita and cheese nips for breakfast! (its holiday time right??)

 Just being cute! Pink dress by Little Goodall.(It has a cat front with mice dangling from the tie.)

 They both did so well traveling! Thanks to Britax for the comfy seats.

The Kelowna meet up! Met some new friends that will for sure be ones to keep!

 I loved seeing so many moms in Kelowna!

Apple and her silly look! Goodness girl smile!

Dad needs to pose. (actually I quite liked his outfit here!)

Comfy PJ bottoms by Heidi Houston and Bravado Bra's are everything when on holidays!

My brother Sheldon!

 Quick lunch stop before the ferry!

 I have been loving the XOXO Baby wrap!

 Mia Moda Nursing dress (works perfect for after! ps. size up for big boobies!)

Family pic!

 Just posing... ;) Apple and her cheese face!

Touring in the Baby Zen stroller!
 I don't know I want that sloppy kiss Apple!

King was so happy to hear daddy cancelled his flight back to Palm Springs and was staying with us longer. I was happy to see my husband relax. (yes Fox and Fiddle sells the hats! We were asked alot!)

Apple far from wanting to be in the pic!c lol

My newest wrap by Tekhni Wovens. Seriously beautiful area in Kaslo BC.

It was a lot of hikes and outdoors while visiting the Kootenays.
 This Babyzen stroller goes anywhere!

The perfect top - thanks Babyboo Etsy! 

Her grandma's dog.. I am not sure if Kurt or the dog is loved more? (I secretly think Cruiser is loved more)

Taking a spin in her other Uncle's car. (Easy install with the Britax car seat!)

A quick trip to wine country in the Okanagan. Yes! Canada has hot weather and wine country!

Trying to eat grapes. (Outfit by Rain People.)

Just before catching the train. She had been doing so well travelling. It was 1:30 am when we arrived  in Vancouver.

Dirty feet we don't care! Late arrival meant straight to bed since we had to fly at 6 am.

The Babyzen Yoyo under the seat on our small airplane!

Auntie has the prettiest bath! We were very excited to get our hands on Gaia soap from Choto Baby in Canada! If you can get your hands on this brand buy it! So good!!!!

The pretty dirt roads in Saskatchewan. We actually scared the heck out of King stopping at night. He had a full meltdown in the car!

 Yes, she ruined the outfit! Yes, she was quiet for too long and we should have noticed!

She tried convincing daddy to get a kitty! (Apple please hold the kitty better!)

Just casually holding the cat! haha

Green acres is the place to be! (Cute outfit by Pineapple and Cactus. She makes perfect no slip clips too.)

Lost another tooth on the trip!

Just a fab shot by my cousin Images By Brooke.

Apple's outfit is a little find at one of the farmers markets. (Hat by Blu Taylor)

A photoshoot for Baby Bjorn's newest travel crib color!

Happy to have my husband and see him relaxing! I did gain 12+ pounds by this point. I will now be in hiding trying to lose it!

My grandparents home. Heartache to know its sold this spring. King cried for it and I cried for him.

 This guy is such a good kid! Kaeden is a teen you would dream to have!! I think he;s pretty dang cute too!

My grandma with King.

Eating homemade buns.

 Checking out her great grandma's garden. It is amazing she keeps a farm and garden at her age!

Kabrita break. I know you see lots of this on our feed but this gal is addicted and I don't mind because of the good ingredients.

 Of course we need to stop here for Kaeden. Apple didn't seem to mind!

On our way home.. Babyzen Yoyo in the overhead.

Tired... like I look like hell tired! But she sleeps so I am happy! (using an Ergo 360)

More than tired! Ju-Ju-Be makes for a great pillow!

To watch a little clip of our trip I loaded one up a YouTube 


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