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Thursday, December 29, 2016

I have recently been using the Mutsy Igo stroller for miss Apple. I wanted to get a feel for the product prior to writing my review. This was the first I had owned or used the Mutsy brand.

Mutsy is a brand from the Netherlands that has been around for many, many years. Check out their website (HERE) and you will see the first design created in 1937. They are currently offering three styles of strollers. the Igo as shown below as their luxury model, the Evo and the Nexo as their compact design. 

I have the Igo in the Pure fabric.

One of the first things that was different than many brands of strollers I have used and own is the fact this folds all in one! And neatly compact. Weighing just over 19 pounds complete the stroller is manageable getting in and out of the trunk of the car. The premium feeling leather wrapped push handle and removable baby bumper bar add luxury and are on trend. I love this look!!

At first I felt the push to be different feeling compared to what I am used to but not long into use of the stroller I got used to it. It has a sturdy weighted feel. Many men like that solid stroller feel. 

The Pure edition fabric comes with 100% cotton lining and 100% recycled PEET fabric. Making it a great choice for consumers conscious of the environment and for parents wanting the cotton that is more comfortable for baby.

The sleek look and design has modern industrial welded metal frame.

Easy access basket.

Additional add on basket that can be clipped off and used with it's own carry handle. Great for shopping or the farmers market.

Height adjustable straps for child with 5 point harness.

Parent facing option. Seat removes and can be flipped rear facing.

Recline for baby with proper extended foot rest.

Zipper on hood unzips for added sun coverage.

Beautiful styling and premium fabric. Peek a boo window on hood.

Thoughtfully designed mesh and strap when using the peek a boo window.

Padded cotton fabric makes the seat extra comfortable.

Large easy to use handle for seat recline and stroller folding. I love this!

Built in suspension and no flat tires.

Compact fold with seat attached.

Overview of folded stroller with seat attached. 
note : seat must be facing out to fold complete.

Overall I have been enjoying the Mutsy Igo. I love that it goes in and out of the car so simply. The features, fabrics and accessories are great! 

Specs :

Suitable from Birth to 45 pounds
Quick fold with seat attached
Reversible seat
Front wheel suspension for extra smooth ride

If you are looking for a compact version check out the Nexo. It is perfect for everyday use and very compact for small cars and travel.
Shown the compact Nexo


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