The Beo Bei Wunderlust Underbust tank...

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I love discovering new things! I always feel like I know most baby and mama gear around but then I am pleasantly surprised with something like my new Bao Bei tank! Most of you know I am a bad ass breastfeeder, going far past the expected year. (ok, so it feels far in some people's eyes. You know the ones who gasp when you say you're planning two years as your break-up age.)

 Recently, I received an underbelly tank from Bao Bei Maternity. This perfect layering tank fits under your bust. It allows you to pair any bra you want by scooping under the bust. The soft fleecy feel and perfect stretch are cozy against your skin. Not to hot for workout activities but thick enough to hide the bumps that come from just having a baby.

I paired with my sport nursing bra it is the perfect workout look! (The design is meant to go over your bra however I placed my bra over to have a solid looking top part. see image below for ways to style.)

Wunderlust shown with bra under.

The tank layers perfectly with any top to make a perfect nursing option.

The soft tank has a long body. It covers the bum perfectly so you can pair with leggings.

The cut out style bust allows for you to wear any bra of choice.

You can wear this tank pregnant or breastfeeding and beyond! If buying for maternity size up.

The tank goes easily from the gym to the grocery store to dressed up casual. It actually has inspired me to get my butt out for a fitness class. I told Braedy my oldest who is gym obsessed that I would be his work out partner. He laughed at me because he knows I do not work out. Little does he know his old lady mama will be waving from across the gym " Hi Braedy!! Braedy over here!! Braedy, its your mommy!! Braedy! I am working out!" You know January is coming and isn't that the time to sign up to get fit?

Throw on a denim jacket and you have the perfect look to hit the grocery store or do errands.

You can dress up the look. It really goes from the gym to on the town.

Check out Bao Bei for more great maternity and after baby items. I wish I had their support band while pregnant with Apple!

image via Bao Bei Maternity

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