Nick Jr Blaze and the Monster Machines & Shimmer and Shine...

Monday, November 21, 2016

I was compensated for attending this event sponsored by Nick Jr. and The thoughts and opinions below are my own

We were recently invited to a fun event put on by Nick Jr for Blaze and the Monster Machines and Shimmer and Shine. I jumped at the opportunity to attend and write about the event! Blaze is one of Kingsley's favorite shows on Nick Jr.! If you are not into the toddler years yet just wait, it happens fast. Your little ones will start recognizing their favorite characters and it will give mama a little quiet time when needed when the show is on.

On Sunday we packed up the kids including the big boys and headed to LA. Thankfully the drive was short and sweet because there was no traffic. We arrived at the Peterson Automotive Museum late morning and were in awe over the beautiful building.

Up we went to the roof top patio and I think Kingsley near fell over! It was Blaze and the Monster Machine heaven!! I was so excited too and elbowing Kurt to take note for Christmas gifts. LOL!

Kingsley enjoyed the Blaze motorized truck. It was his first time in a driving vehicle like that. It is a really good size and speed for older toddlers. You could easily keep up with a quick walk beside your little one. Another favorite was the track. We actually opened up the track before Christmas because he couldn't stop talking about it and bugging us to play with it. His brother Kaeden assembled it with him and I have so far gotten some wonderful hours of quiet time when he has been playing with it! I would say that is our favorite toy for sure!!

Here are some of the photo's from our fun filled day.

The family line up! Never easy to get them together for a photo.

The first thing Kingsley spotted was the Blaze Power Wheels truck to drive! 

My heart melted.. I pretty much was going to buy him the truck on the spot.

All smiles!

Wearing the AJ costume and having a "snack" with brother. This may have been their second time for food!

The coolest green screen rising in the Blaze truck. They made each child a mini flip book that had them driving in the Blaze the Monster Machine cartoon.

The excitement for dolls with hair was real for this mommy! I can't wait to show Apple how to do braids and brush hair!

She was all smiles in the Shimmer and Shine area! I think we have a new fan!

Take me on the magic carpet! I secretly wish I could dress up like these girls on the daily.

Tastes of the fresh made ice cream.

This is a must for your gift list! The spring track shoots the trucks speeding around.

Yes, that is the fourteen year old brother playing with the track. My boys will never be too old for this.

Thank you Nick Jr for the head start on our Christmas gifts! The DVD's will be super handy for the car rides to LA especially!


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