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Thursday, March 30, 2017

I know... your first instinct is what?? She breastfeeds! How does formula fit her blog??

While I do breastfeed, I hate pumping!

I like having breastmilk to mix Apples cereal with. I also seem to never have enough left for the times I want to run out to Costco, grocery shopping alone or errands when I want to leave Apple with daddy. I've used formula for the boys for these times before and was planning on doing the same for Apple. However, little miss fussy would not take anything other than breastmilk!! She is my picky little gal!!

During a family fun fest event I was lucky enough to run into Kabrita. They were showing their formula and handing out samples. I scooped up a container of formula to try thinking there was no harm. Once I got home I read up on what was involved with making this goat milk formula and why they called it toddler formula. After some research I found out that the nutrition was there for my lady Apple and I decided to give it a try in her pablum. She gobbled it up as if I used breastmilk! (Other milks she refused and water was even harder to get her to take.) Now you're probably thinking that is a sales line!! I promise it is not!! After the success with breakfast I decided to see if he would take a couple ounces in a bottle. (For those few times I want to leave her). SHE DRANK IT!! I no joke freaked out excited and ran to the office where Kurt was working to say I was never pumping again. LOL! I hate pumping. Clearly.

After the success and love for the formula I decided to reach out to Kabrita to sample their other products. They do a goat milk and fruit pack line. Apple loved the yogurt packs too!

 *I find the yogurt packs to be more of a smoothie consistency. They can be easily sucked out of the pack or fed by spoon. If you want to spoon feed and need them slightly thicker add baby cereal like rice or oatmeal.

 Notes :

I tasted the formula and it is sweet and smooth. I believe this is why Apple has been ok with drinking it.
Goats milk is easier to digest often over cows milk
GMO free 
I love their transparency as a company and easy to read website

**While I have used this for the odd bottle for Apple at an age earlier than 12 months, it is labeled as Toddler Formula. Made for babies over one year. I am not giving advice to use this prior. Please see Nutrition Comparison below. My desperation and hate for pumping is what made me decide to use this for the occasional bottle and baby cereal.

I can not wait to hear them launch the infant formula for moms who want options away from cows milk.
For all the Canadian Mama's out there wanting this, I asked and found out they are working on having it tested and approved for Canada! yay!!!!

To trial the Kabrita line yourself or read more
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