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Monday, November 28, 2016

I have the Amorini Silver Nipple Soothers on my "Item's worth buying postpartum" list. They were a lifesaver in the beginning of breastfeeding Apple! I remember nursing the boys and having to go through the pain of the early feeding days. These worked tremendously for me with Apple! Helping speed along the healing and keeping my bra and nursing pads off the area that was sore.

You are probably asking what are the Amorini Nipple Soothers?

Well, to put it simply they are small shields that go over your nipples to ease the pain of breastfeeding and help the nipples heal faster. They have a natural antibacterial property that heals wounds. In the case of breastfeeding- cracked and painful nipples get relief!

When you start nursing your baby even the best latch can still result in over sensitive and painful nipples. Partly to do with hormones and lots to do with the actual function of breastfeeding. If your baby is not latching well you may get cracked nipples and more. (**see a doctor or lactation specialist if pain persists or baby is not latching well or feeding correctly.) Now, do not panic! Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing and you can overcome these hurdles. I promise they wont last forever.

The Amorini Silver Nipple Soothers can help naturally because of the antibacterial properties of pure silver. On top of the benefits which I will list below are the shape and protection will help cover those sensitive nipples in your bra. Having the friction from your bra or nursing pads can amplify the pain or annoyance and these work great to block that. I also loved the fact that they didn't stick to my nipple like my nursing pads would. Trust me, if you ever are newly nursing and toughening up those nipples, the pain of peeling off a nursing pad that is stuck is worse than nails on a chalk board! But breastfeeding it joyous right! lol! For real it actually is ...when we get through the early days.

The benefits of silver

~safe and 100% natural that allows feeding to happen without need to wash or wipe nipples
~studies show silver to have the ability to destroy over 650 known pathogenic microorganisms compared to cream that can kill fewer than 10. 
~washable and easy to clean
~with proper cleaning you can pass along your Amorini soothers to a new mama (more and more lactation consultants are renting these out)


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