Apple loves her Joovy Spoon baby walker...

Monday, September 12, 2016

One of the differences of living in the US with Apple is being able to buy a baby walker! (Canada doesn't have them.) We love our Joovy Spoon walker!! I say "we" because I swear I love it as much as she does. We thankfully do not have any stairs in our house so she gets to cruise with freedom! She bascially runs in this walker.

Some of the features I love on our Joovy Spoon is the huge tray, padded seat, clean white colour (no ugly prints!), a removable washable tray if I give her snacks and it's roll is so smooth because of the high quality wheels!

I totally recommend the Joovy brand walker. After using it for over a month we have not had a single complaint!

They have a few colours to choose from but we wanted simple grey. 


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