The boys are off to school...

Monday, August 15, 2016

It has been a quiet week. The big boys are gone to school now and it is just Apple and I around the house. I am not going to lie, I love it! I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I loved homeschooling Kaeden (the fourteen yr old) for the first year. It was amazing to have my best friend at home with me. We truly enjoyed spending time together and little Kingsley always had his hero home to play with. Last year though the homeschool was a challenge, We were overrun with moving from Canada to USA, having a new baby, going back and forth to Canada and opening our corporate location for the future of our restaurant brand in California. 

Homeschool can be amazing and I get asked often how we decided. I suggest finding a local based school so you will have a support team near and your children can interact with the other HS kids in the same curriculum. If you feel like you have a lot on your plate like I did last year I do not suggest adding school to that plate. It may go falling and smash to pieces! I felt like that by this spring. 

Thankfully, we have two wonderful schools the boys are now attending. Kingsley had no trouble meeting new friends and getting to know all the teachers and principle. He is a perfect blend of his mommy and daddy's social side. LOL! Kaeden is doing amazing in his new high school. I couldn't be a prouder mom of that boy. He has never complained and goes with the flow. I truly love my Kade so much and seeing his positive outlook in milestones and moments confirms I am loving him right.

A few back to school pictures of course are needed!
(ps. sorry I don't do at school you get the ones laving the house for the safety of the boys. Like what mom wouldn't want to steal my perfect teen and possibly leave their monsters behind for me?)

Kingsley loves being in a uniform. He says it's the easiest to get dressed in! We both love Pediped shoes! They make such good quality for baby to kids! I recommend checking them out!

King and Kaeden's new favourite school snack variety of chips is Simply7! They are doing school lunches so thankfully it's just snacks and fruits I need to add to their bags. 

King uses the Zoli insulated for his extra water. He so far isn't a fan of the fountain for water. The teachers "one, two, three that's enough for me is lame" he has told us! Lol so he packs his own liquids. 

Daddy is very hands on even though he is busy! He does the school drop offs and pick ups.


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