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Friday, August 19, 2016

If you are like me and want a nice smooth look under your dresses and outfits you need to check out these shape wear pieces by Belly Bandit! I have tried many brands and can say the Belly Bandit brand fit is one of the best!! They aren't too tight, the material doesn't make me sweat and my shorties do not roll. If you are breastfeeding like me it is hard to find a slimmer tank that is easy to nurse in so this style made me so happy! You can also wear the nursing tank not nursing. (They do make a full coverage option but of course I just wanted the nursing one.)

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I've linked the photo's for easy shopping!

Belly Bandit shorties

Shown is the slimming nursing tank and shorties by Belly Bandit. Bra is by Bella Materna

One of the best underwire nursing bra's on the market! I swear bhy this bra. Best fit, good breast shape, washes well and folds properly. Doesn't flip back on baby! Click the picture to save 5.00 off your purchase.

A close up of the double hook system. Easier fits and can wear comfortably on last hooks while pregnant. After baby comes and you start to lose weight it simply tightens. Also adjusting the sliders on the straps will help perfect cup size fit! (was a best seller by far in my store I owned)

Shown you can wear your Belly Bandit nursing tank with a bra under. 

Full slimmer coverage in the nursing tank and shorties. The nursing tank can be worn by women not nursing too! 

The corset for even more shape! Get the hourglass look. I  wear this if its a real special night out!

Adjustment hooks on the corset.

Shown is the nursing tank with no bra under for easy access.

Not photo'd in the flat lay but here are my slimming leggings on. I pretty much feel like I lose 10 pounds by wearing these babies!! This photo was when Apple was a couple months old.
Stroller : Orbit Baby
Diaper Bag : OiOi Baby Bags


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