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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Here are a few of the gadgets I am currently loving! I often wonder how I even managed without some of the cool inventions with my first son eighteen years ago!


Years ago when Braedy was born I bought one the the latest thermometers. It was an ear one. Let me say that although it was much better than the regular style it was not easy to always have them stay still or I hated waking them to check if temps came down. I still have the oldie kicking around since it is not something we tend to upgrade often. Well, finally I upgraded! And boy this is dreamy compared to my old style. InstaTemp is a non touch thermometer that you simply point and click. No waking babies, no holding arms down to try and hold it under the armpit, no ears needed! So simple. I reccomend if you are a first time mom or even if you have a few kids. Upgrade. You will thank me next fever you wake up to at two in the morning! (you can even pick these up at Target! linked photo)


Owlet Care Monitor

This still makes my list for best invention, tech item, baby gift item, overall awesome product. Well, at least in our house it sure helped!! My stress was less and we got sleep knowing there was a little extra help monitoring baby. I am linking my original blog post HERE it also includes a savings link. (click photo for link to Owlet)

Marpac Dohm

This is my first baby I have had the need for a noise machine. Maybe because we now have a house full of noise and doors slamming! Boys are not quiet that is for sure. The Dohm has a clean white noise sound of rushing air but not actually pushing air around the room. It stays on through the night or nap and that was important since it was mid naps the boys were waking her. Tip: when I was buying mine and had talked on Snapchat about my search, I got recommended to go to Bed Bath Beyond and sign up for a twenty percent off coupon. You can save moola! (and no I don't work for BB&B lol!)


Wiithings Baby & Home Monitor

I was looking for a monitor that was simple. This fit perfectly into it. It is a clean looking monitor that uses wifi to feed to my phone. While not everyone wants this style I feel perfectly comfortable using the style to my phone and prefer it. I have monitoring available at all times and even when I am runnign to the grocery store. I like that it will alert me to the noise then I can open the app and check if she is up or if is another door slammed by the boys. When I am done using the monitor for her room I can set it up for security in our main part of the house and know it will still look great with the included wood look cover. (It comes with a blue, pink and wood look slip cover.)


Baby Scale

While this isn't totally a tech savvy item since scales have been around for years. My simple Babies R Us model is for sure an upgrade to the basic scale. You can adjust the setting back to zero by placing a blanket or diaper on - remove the diaper and lay baby on with a clean new diaper. Saves stripping them down and peeing all over. It also has a weight hold button that helps with a wiggly baby. (click photo for direct link)



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