Breastfeeding and drinking..

Friday, August 26, 2016

I get asked often about nursing and alcohol. This is again one of those personal choices mothers need to make for themselves. I don't say what I do is right but I often like to research and read a lot when I make choices. Of course this is one of the topics you'll see arguments for both sides.

Here are my thoughts..

I want to nurse Apple exclusively for two years. (As I did before with my older kids.) Exclusively meaning her milk is from my boobs but she's getting solids and people food too.

~ Now! before you think I'm all judgy on breastfeeding, I'll repeat the words I've said before "Feed your baby however you want to! Your baby is yours. My baby is mine. Breast, bottle, formula, even friggen chocolate milk.. I don't have any opinion to what you do. I'm neither here nor there on that topic!" ~

Now back to me and my choices. I want to have a successful run at giving up my breasts for the tiny person I gave birth to. (hint, my baby not anyone else's to raise.) I think success is enjoying what I'm doing and not defined on perfection while doing it. Most people that follow our lives see I eat pretty healthy, I'm active and take care of my well being pretty great overall. What they also see is I consume alcohol. In the beginning, when I had a needy baby to care for, I would have half a glass of wine then eventually moved to a full glass and so on. We are now at a big change where she sleeps through the night so I'm not feeding at all past eight until the next morning. From history of driving this path already with older kids fed via breast by me; I know that after they start to sleep better I may consume more at night if we have friends over. Or if there is an event to attend I will have more than a glass or two, I could have two beer then a glass or possibly more if it was a really long night out and I was eating. When we view alcohol and nursing we panic! They must be a bad mom and that has to be unhealthy somehow. However, we don't say anything to the mom consuming cola all day long or eating fast food or other known health issues. (Again no judgement! Eat whatever you want and do what you want!) What I consider to be successful in my parenting role is to be the best mom I can be. I want to have some of my fun side and all of my mommy side blended. I don't want to reject Apple because she's consuming my life or any of my kids for that matter. I want to be Kurt's wife and friend like we've always been. So I choose to live it up at times and to feel great that I am being a well rounded human. I drink. I breastfeed. I eat well. I love my kids just like you. (I would like to think even more.) Why do I think its ok? Because I'm going off the well written studies and facts that I've researched. Yes, I am choosing what side I am on and we can battle all day long if you are pro-not drinking. But here I am standing up and opening up. I drink and feed. No pumping and dumping. And I feel zero guilt. Just as you should feel if you choose to have a drink or two or ...

This "faux pas" in some peoples eyes is not often spoken about. Who wants to put themselves at risk for being bashed or called a bad mom? I surely must be crazy to add the potential stress to my life. It is the secret lives of the breastfeeding women. It is the hush, hush, ok's by the midwives or the lactation consultants who tread lightly, figuring out how to explain the advice without being misunderstood.

I am going to link a very easy to understand and read article on breastfeeding facts. I have handed this out to many women who want to be equipped with information.

Note : We are a zero tolerance family. What does that mean? We talk to our kids about safety and drinking. We show them any consumption means it's not ok to drive! We are the parents who taxi or uber home. Yup, we buckle the kids in the taxi and feel great! To us its not a loser status putting your kids in a cab. It's being a great role model for children that are highly impressionable. We are showing them the cost to get home is never worth drinking and driving. Ever! ~ That I have an opinion about! If you can afford to buy alcohol out, you better be affording that taxi service home! My kids are on these streets.

Things not to do that really should not need explaining ::

DO NOT co-sleep intoxicated

DO NOT over consume any alcohol beverages

DO NOT take any recreational drugs
 (can I say this is OBVIOUS and not like alcohol!)

DO NOT drink and drive

When consuming alcohol best to drink light items like lighter beer or wine. Hard alcohol can hit a nursing mom differently since we are not use to it.

DO NOT drink enough to be hungover
(more of a joke. I recall circa '02 baby and toddler to care for. Needless to say toddler destroyed the house!)

THIS IS NOT Medical advice in any way!! I am not a doctor and just stating how I manage my life.

last ... DO NOT bother telling me I am a shitty mom.
(because I am damn awesome! I have a perfect graduated son, another son who is the most amazing teenager people would die for, the most intelligent young son who is beyond smart and now a beautiful and thriving daughter. I am pretty confident in my parenting skills. This is for those who will disagree with my choice to do what works for me.)


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