Tech savvy and baby gadgets for parents...

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Here are a few of the gadgets I am currently loving! I often wonder how I even managed without some of the cool inventions with my first son eighteen years ago!

Breastfeeding and drinking..

Friday, August 26, 2016

I get asked often about nursing and alcohol. This is again one of those personal choices mothers need to make for themselves. I don't say what I do is right but I often like to research and read a lot when I make choices. Of course this is one of the topics you'll see arguments for both sides.

Here are my thoughts..

Shape wear by Belly Bandit and my favourite underwire nursing bra ...

Friday, August 19, 2016

If you are like me and want a nice smooth look under your dresses and outfits you need to check out these shape wear pieces by Belly Bandit! I have tried many brands and can say the Belly Bandit brand fit is one of the best!! They aren't too tight, the material doesn't make me sweat and my shorties do not roll. If you are breastfeeding like me it is hard to find a slimmer tank that is easy to nurse in so this style made me so happy! You can also wear the nursing tank not nursing. (They do make a full coverage option but of course I just wanted the nursing one.)

Valid now through August 26 use code ModernM82016 to save 15%

I've linked the photo's for easy shopping!

Belly Bandit shorties

The boys are off to school...

Monday, August 15, 2016

It has been a quiet week. The big boys are gone to school now and it is just Apple and I around the house. I am not going to lie, I love it! I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I loved homeschooling Kaeden (the fourteen yr old) for the first year. It was amazing to have my best friend at home with me. We truly enjoyed spending time together and little Kingsley always had his hero home to play with. Last year though the homeschool was a challenge, We were overrun with moving from Canada to USA, having a new baby, going back and forth to Canada and opening our corporate location for the future of our restaurant brand in California. 

Homeschool can be amazing and I get asked often how we decided. I suggest finding a local based school so you will have a support team near and your children can interact with the other HS kids in the same curriculum. If you feel like you have a lot on your plate like I did last year I do not suggest adding school to that plate. It may go falling and smash to pieces! I felt like that by this spring. 

Thankfully, we have two wonderful schools the boys are now attending. Kingsley had no trouble meeting new friends and getting to know all the teachers and principle. He is a perfect blend of his mommy and daddy's social side. LOL! Kaeden is doing amazing in his new high school. I couldn't be a prouder mom of that boy. He has never complained and goes with the flow. I truly love my Kade so much and seeing his positive outlook in milestones and moments confirms I am loving him right.

A few back to school pictures of course are needed!
(ps. sorry I don't do at school you get the ones laving the house for the safety of the boys. Like what mom wouldn't want to steal my perfect teen and possibly leave their monsters behind for me?)

Feeding baby with the Baby Breeza ...

Friday, August 12, 2016

First of all I must say life is crazy busy! I have been trying to get this post up for six weeks!! What do I feed my kids and how do I prep my baby food is a big question we have been getting asked since Apple started eating solids.

I am going to start by saying not all babies are the same! I know this first hand! Having had four kids I can tell you that each one has had different likes and dislikes and they all accepted food differently. 

I will start with Braedy (the almost eighteen year old!) This boy could EAT! He still can eat! Pretty much was a food beast to start and at a few months old recognized meal time. He would grab at my plate or drool looking at anything people around him would put in their mouth. I started him just over four months on solids. (back then that was delayed feeding!) Since he was number one he got the special treatment. Slowly introducing a new food, monitoring his reactions, absolutely starting him on vegetables because what kind of bad mom would I be to give him fruit first?? He ate so well and life went on merrily!

Then Kaeden came along and it was time to feed this petite "mama's boy". I of course waited until six months because all the new books said this was recommended. We started on rice cereal and that was a great start. It was time to give him more so I cooked up a storm of baby food like I had with his older brother and gave him his first bite of the real deal. Veggies? wtf! That was his reaction!! No way would this boy open up for the healthy by the book foods. He was all about the perfectly warmed rice cereal with the sweet mixed store bought fruit layered on top dish. This is what he loved and I gave in.

Kingsley, was the adventurous one! He was ready to eat around five months but I waited until six. Avocado to start was the new way of feeding your baby and of course I wanted the best for his start to foods. I also had to make up for the bad parenting on the last child who lived off rice cereal and fruit. He loved the avocado..then easily accepted the nice steamed or roasted veggies.. of course gobbled all fruits .. then started on hot chicken wings at daddy's restaurant! I did say adventurous right. At least he did make a good clean start with avocado. At a year old Kingsley tried mussels at a nice restaurant we were out at and LOVED them. That became our go to when dining out if it was on the menu. You should see the looks you get when you pass your baby the plate of mussels they think you ordered for yourself!

Now miss Apple has come along and boy did that six months fly by. It was like I was bringing her home from the hospital and introducing solids. She wasn't a lover of foods to start because her addiction to milk is strong! It has been a struggle getting her to ear and avocado was a no-go for her first bite. We tried cereals and that did't work, then went to mixed foods and that helped a lot. If you want to hear a baby scream try and give them something they don't want. She can make the faces I didn't think were possible off things as easy as rice cereal. It has been a work in progress getting her to eat but this time I didn't worry. I knew she would come around eventually. Although, we did find out in Mexico she loves a perfectly cooked churro! 

After having four kids, I now understand how important the flexibility of parenting and feeding them is. I went from doing things by the book and cooking all the baby food to store bought foods then to homemade everything and now in between. The thing that I can say is; they all turned out OK. Each child had a different start but around a year old when we got over the humps and they started to eat more and more regular people food. By toddler years they ate everything from sushi to Indian foods and all the healthy home prepped meals in between. The big boys even had the great experience of their breakfast cereal having added omega oils! (They gagged those bowls down for over a year!! hahaha!) 

Here are a few of my recommended items when it comes to feeding baby.  

I am not doing a recipe post as I think you can really create anything you want and can't go wrong if you blend foods you would eat together.
To address meats being added - I do not puree my baby's meat. I finely cut it up starting with chicken and turkey then on to other meats. This has helped introduce texture to foods and who wants to have meat ruining those nice vegetable and fruit blends?

The Cossato stroller...

Thursday, August 11, 2016

We just got back from a great little event for the launch of the double stroller in the USA for Cosatto. WOW!  Cosatto sure know how to create a beautiful party. From the food to the wonderful people and great products shown it was an all around success.

I have eyed up Cosatto strollers for a little now. I love my big strollers so much but to be honest there are those quick in and out trips I would love to have a light go-to. Oh, and the prints they also captured my eye!

Being a girl who has owned more strollers than I would like to admit I have always been picky about my umbrella style. They must have a good solid frame, proper handles with a good height, a reclining seat and premium quality fabric. Cosatto checked off each item on my list and some. They are so sturdy and push like a dream. The fabrics are beautiful and the hidden extras are such a bonus. They sold me at the iphone/ipad pocket built into the hood and speakers!

I have included some fun photos from the event and below showing all the features of the stroller we have. I can totally recommend them!

Getting your baby to sleep through the night in the crib...

Monday, August 1, 2016

Recently, I transitioned Apple from our bed to the crib. It is a bitter sweet achievement for my baby girl. She feels so young and tiny to be leaving my bed! I didn't push the older boys out so young but Apple was going down a path that was mixing our days and nights up badly. It really hit me a few weeks ago; I realized I was lacking sleep so badly and this was starting to affect my temper to Kurt and the boys, it was shortening my patience with everything.

Her sleep digression happened slowly from about three months old, she was increasing her feeds at night and waking more. Around that time the summer heat had started, our nursing sessions were shorter and less during the hot days and nights were a feeding party. Apple's health and weight gain were important to me and if she was getting most of her calories at night, then I was up for the late night feeds. I figured I could handle it until we adjusted to the hot days and she started eating solids. 

Fast forward to her six month birthday; we started solids and at this stage were baby to boob more than five times a night! I became her pacifier and comfort, not her main nutrition source. It was time to part ways on our nights together. I knew the only way for this to work was for Apple to not be sniffing the source in bed with me.

So how did I transition girlfriend? Well, easily and not easily over a 3 day period. Thankfully, from the start we had done naps awake and I would start her in the crib before transferring her to the Dockatot to co-sleep after that first wake up. If you haven't ever put your baby in the crib or have always rocked, nursed or bottlefed them to sleep you will have a bigger habit to break. As a mom of four having gone through a lot of breaking habits (taking away soothers, bottles, crib to bed, etc) I can assure you that most only take a few days. You must have commitment though! Don't torture them for day one and two then give in on three and go back to old ways because it feels easier. Often day three or four are the game changer days! That is when you see a light shining at the end of the tunnel.

("nap so hard" t-shirt from
Glow in the dark soother by MAM


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