Carmen and Apple's favourite things the last six months..

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

While traveling miss Apple has turned six months. I thought it would have broken my heart to have her half way to one year but it didn't. This is finally the first of my four babies that I am ok with growing up. Not that I want to rush it or anything! When the boys were young I would cry because they were growing too fast and now with Apple I don't stress. I think that it is because of all the different things I will get to enjoy with her when she is older. I honestly can't wait until she understands a girls day out, tea parties, dressing up and the million other girly things I have dreamed about.

Ever since Apple arrived I get questions daily on parenting advice or product questions. I'm often asked to write a post for all sorts of things. While I would love to write about everything I can't always find the time to do so. I try my best to get back to everyone's question's, with advice on gear, sleep and breastfeeding. I appreciate every darn single comment, question and compliment! More than anyone will know! But sometimes it can be overwhelming. The thing with all these social media outlets is they can consume a great part of my day and time. I could literally take eight hours a day answering messages! This can be challenging as I have started to work part-time with my husbands company and I really want to love on my beautiful baby more ad spend time with the boys before they leave to school.

Most people that do what I do have ads on their sites and take on sponsored posts or have links to make income. (they deserve it! It is HARD work!) However, I try not to take on too much and being so selective I pass on the income stream most times. I have talked about authenticity many times and how much it means to me! I want items I am using to make sense to me or to be something I would have purchased or do buy. Basically, I guess I am trying to find a balance between looking at blogging as a job or a hobby and how much effort and time I should be putting into it. That said, I much prefer the hobby side currently and working with a very selective few... Maybe when the kids are in school I will "work" on it more giving more product posts. For now, I will share when something stands out to me and when it feels right.  **I suggest following snapchat {carmenModernMom} for daily updated and lots of sharing of videos of life with kids. That is the easy and fun part of sharing tips, tricks,gear and family for me! It isn't as structured as Instagram, the website or Facebook.

OK! So now on to why you probably came over here! Of course I hate for my wealth of knowledge to go to waste! (Gosh, I spent years educating myself and others when I owned my children's stores it would be a shame not to write this. LOL!)

  What were my most used items in the first six months?  I am going to link each item if you click the photo it should direct you to their site.

I already did items for postpartum so I will link that HERE is you didn't read.

Carmen and Apple's favourite things the last six months.

The Dockatot has been a life saver for us! Made co-sleeping so much better.

(I linked a code to save 10.00 off your purchase for the Dockatot site!)

The Owlet Care monitor system for her well being. Probably the top item that I would recommend and buy again for sure! 

The Baby Bjorn bouncer is still as great as I remember! Apple loves it just as much as her brother did. For more info on the bouncer I linked my blog post about it HERE

I used the Orbit Baby car seat with Kingley and loved it. I bought it again and am still so very happy with the comfort and ease of the system! I wrote about this car seat linked HERE . The system had upgrades since and they made me so happy! I bought the O2 system so I can make it a jogger. I did a blog on the Orbit linked HERE

My Solly Baby wrap. I enjoy the firm feel and light weight comfort! A wrap is the perfect newborn carrier.

My Sakura Sling('s)! I love babywearing and slings provide close contact with a quick on and off. My favourite is my pink silk and grey chambray.

Ergo baby original carrier! If you asked me what one carrier I could take with me on a stranded island. This is it! I do prefer the linen as my fave but any of the brushed canvas cottons break in well. Shown is the organic original. Note : Ergo came out with a new infant insert that attaches to the carrier making it easier to use.

A baby scale! A must for new moms worrying about their newly breastfed babies! You can nurse baby and weigh them after to make sure they are taking in milk. Also you can keep up on your baby's growth! I got the Babies R Us brand because it was simple and the most affordable. It also converts to a toddler scale. Note : You can set the scale to zero with a soft blanket making it easier to weigh a newborn. Not placing them on a cold surface. I add the diaper and then remove it to account for her diaper.

My Nook Sleep Niche nursing pillow. The softness, padding, and size is perfect! I still use it nightly nursing and cuddling Apple. It helps so much instead of straining my back. Tip : You can use it for a newly sitting baby. Place it behind them to soften the crash backwards. Note : ALL nook products are wonderful! They are my mattress of choice too.

My Monte Design chairs! You do not need kids to own these! I love to peacefully rock mid day and every evening in them. Shown are the Como in my bedroom and I also have a Vola in the nursery. 

Now obviously we all need to diaper our babies! But I have to mention little miss sensitive is happy in her Bambo Nature! She had rash problems as a newborn and these have been great. They are also super absorbent and really soft.

My Luma Care bath seat. I bought mine in Canada and at the time of this blog they are not available in stores in USA but I saw you can buy on Amazon.

My Evenflo excersaucer. I bought this brand for all the boys. Now I am slightly (ok more than slight) disappointed they no longer pad the seats. But the toys and good design still are great! I loved the girl version but these also came in cool unisex colours. I got mine at Babies R Us. I linked my exact model.

The Finn and Emma playgym. It is perfect from newborn! Laying your baby under the gym to stare at the toys and later on they will start to get a hang of motor skills and grab the toys. Note : The Baby Bjorn bouncer works perfect with the gym over! It fits in between great. These also come in different wood colours and with a variety of toy choices.

Here are some notable items that we use have enjoyed too! I am just going to link brands if you tap name.

Lorena Canals Washable Rugs

(The perfect thickness for a soft place for baby and washable. They come in many prety colours and shapes.)

Lille Baby Carrier

(I felt as if I put this on my first list everyone would ask the question of what SSC is my favourite. And I LOVE Lille but like I said.. the island pick. This is like a 9.5/10 and on my body or because I am used to Ergo with King that is a 10/10.)


(My change table is perfect! Love her mini crib in my room. The Trailz and Xplory strollers that I own are both amazing. Quality is felt in their products and I just love the brand!!)

Little Hedonist hanging bassinet.

(Plain and simple beautiful!)

Bebe Au Lait

(I have a few of their nursing covers and they are the best! The wire top so you can see baby and get airflow is needed. Also their blankets are a soft muslin with a wonderful feel!)

Kurt (the hubs) said I need to list his favourite baby item.

The Baby Bjorn One carrier.

(The way this carrier goes on is very easy and he loves that!)

AGAIN, Thank you for following along! I love you all and I feel so happy when I read the comments! Like wow! You guys are the best a girl can ask for being so cool and kind.



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