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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Before I write about these awesome books we recently received, I'd like to address my parent flaw. I did not get the gene that makes me love reading to my kids. Yup, I just publicly admitted that! 

I love and care for my kids so much. I enjoy cuddles like nobody's business, especially before bedtime! But having me read out loud to them can feel like a chore. Even if it keeps them quietly snuggled in my arms. Luckily, we have a daddy who loves to read! So often our routine is mommy buys the books, gets the kids geared up for bed and daddy snuggles in and tells the story. And this is perfectly working for our house. I like to think I'm still doing a good enough job as a mom finding wonderful books for them!

Do you remember when you were young and seeing things like pencils, magnets, tacky tourist items with your name on it? How exciting it would be? I do! I would spin the rack full of tiny license plates in the shops hoping to find my name. Sadly, rarely did I see Carmen; that made me hate my name even more! (Another admission - I wasn't a fan of my name. I wanted something cute like Jenny, Britteny, Amber or Samantha!)

Still loving personalized items I was super excited to find out about Lost My Name books! These books are personalized with your child's name. I even was excited to be the one to read them! (Totally true!) I ordered two different books. One with Kingsley's name and the other for London. Although London won't appreciate her name yet, Kingsley will enjoy seeing his sister in the book. I plan to collect future ones that may get released! 

London's book is - The incredible intergalactic journey home. This book tells a tale of London finding her way home and ends with finding our house! They use a satellite map image in the book! So cool! King had the best time finding our house. 

Kingsley's book is - The boy who lost his name. It's a journey to find his name after his name went missing off his bedroom door. 

Note : You can personalize the message in the book too! If it's a gift you can make a special note to your loved one. 

These books got the stamp of approval with two thumbs up by King! I call that a mom win! Even if I leave all the future reading to daddy. 

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