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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Here are a few of the items and baby gear I love to help make travels easier, more fun and simple! 

We have taken many trips with the kids and Kingsley has been on so many airplanes by the age three he could pretty much do the security and airport himself! He always had to take his shoes off for his security bin no matter how many times we told him little boys can keep them on! Lol!

I'm going to do another post for the most popular questions I got asked in a Q&A format. Click here to be linked over. 

This light weight and extremely easy to set up travel crib is the best! We had a different brand pack and play for King when he was first born because it was less money and it supposedly had more options (changer, mobile etc). After our trip across Canada when King was a couple months old I hated it! It didn't pack well into our car rental, was bulky, a piece to set up and disassemble. When we got back home I went straight out and bought the Baby Bjorn for our next trip we were leaving on! The best purchase I've ever made! It traveled so well and didn't take up as much room and was a snap to put together or back in its case. We even cruised with it and because of its compact size it fit in the tiny bathroom! (Yes, we used bathrooms for a short period when King needed peace and dark to rest.)

2) JL Childress

   Gate check bags.
These bags are great to protect your stroller or car seat if you're using gate check. I always gate check since I want to use my stroller through the airport and don't like to check my car seat as luggage if I'm not paying for a seat to use it on. We once had a car seat not arrive and the one I was offered was so unsafe my husband had to run to Target and buy one for us to leave with!

This is the JL Childress toddler car seat bag we use too. Again not bulky when not in use and has wheels to pull. 

3) A good carrier you and your baby love. Babywearing through the airport is truly the best! Your little one will be content and you know they are safe. If you have multiple children this allows you to push the toddler in the stroller and carry the smaller or vice versa. I take a SSC carrier and a sling for my travels. I like to have different options to what I'm going to wear. I exclusively use my SSC to board the plane with baby facing me on my front. This helps baby's feet dangle the proper way so they don't get stuck or bent on the seat when walking down the airplane aisle. 
Shown below is my Lille Baby with many carry positions and my Wildbird Sling.

4) Baby Bjorn bouncer. 

Well this item is age-dependent it is very useful seat when traveling with a child a year and under. We love our Bjorn bouncer for naps, feeding and a safe spot to put them when I'm wanting to get ready. The bouncer will fit in an overhead even on a compact plane! It's so lightweight and easy to tote if you take as a carry on. It does fit in our Ogio bag too if I wanted. 

5) Wet bags to keep your gear organized. We have collected a variety over time but these are a lifesaver! Especially with baby items. I can place hats and accessories in one, bath goods and sun creams in another, toys, special items and anything you want to separate so they aren't scattered and falling all over the luggage. I find I lose less this way. When we take off the baby shoes they go in the shoe bag and not into the dark holes that eat baby items in hotels!

6) While I mainly traveled using cloth diapers with King. Apple is wearing Bambo and I haven't done cloth as much with her. I suggest packing enough to get you through a few days if you're buying a box while away or if you have space and you're particular about your diaper brand then pack as many as you need for your trip.

These are my main products we love and have used through the years! My following post will cover the topic of travel and how I choose what exactly I'm bringing, using your car seat on the plane, and more! Link here! 


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