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Saturday, May 28, 2016


My nursing wear picks and YouTube link..

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Here are the links to some of the items mentioned in my YouTube video. 
Clicking the photo will direct you to their sites.

If you want to watch the video click HERE

Isabella Oliver 
You can wear this brand from pregnancy to regular wear!

Loyal Hana
Very flattering in real life on!

Au Fait Mama
The best bamboo material and basic!

Great selection with a flattering fit and hidden access!

The cutest boho looks! One of my current favouites!

 Size down for a snugger more stylish fit.

Boob Maternity
Easy access and great selection!

Carmen the Modern Mom Breastfeeding in a ring sling carrier. Using the S...

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Nook Sleep X Carmen the Modern Mom Play Mat 2017

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

With such great success on the exclusive Carmen the Modern Mom and Nook Sleep play mats last year we partnered again for a spring launch! Bringing out 2 fresh new colors Lilac and Sky plus the original Seaglass and Blush Pink.

These play mats are perfect for parents wanting healthy home and non-toxic products for their babies. Made in the USA with the same great organic material they use to wrap their crib mattress. The trademark pebble material is made from eucalyptus, organic cotton and zinc. The mat is padded, making it a perfect place to lay a tiny baby or for childrens to comfortable play on. Read more on the Carmen the Modern Mom and Nook play mat HERE!

Check out Nook for other great products like their amazing crib mattress and my favorite nursing pillow on the market HERE!

Lilac shown.
Outfit Tocoto Vintage (from Hello Lueie in Vancouver, Canada)

Bodysuit, Knee highs and top by June & January

Shoes by Native Shoes

Bonnet by Rain People

Hat, socks and top by June & January

Bloomer by Rain People
Shown is the Nook Sleep crib mattress in PURE.
Organic & Coconut fill.

Chunky Knit Blanket by Nora Jane Knits


My motherhood ..

Saturday, May 7, 2016

The It's Saturday night and I just decided tomorrow (Mother's Day) needed a post. So here I am, curled up on my rocking chair, baby in the Lille carrier, typing this up last minute. I wasn't sure if I should write about celebrating moms, my own motherhood or something different and personal.

I've decided to shoot from the heart. So here it goes...

Mother's Day is tomorrow. For me, it's not really day of celebration. I often feel lost and confused because growing up I didn't have the storybook or regular childhood. I didn't have the bond I saw my girlfriends have or the best friend I wished. Because of this I had become so close to my grandma that I remember asking her to tell people I was her kid. She had already raised seven children. I quickly worked my way into her heart and home as the eighth. I believe as the story was told I was put in a drawer to sleep as a tiny baby. She doted on me, kissed me all day long, and was silently teaching me all those years how to be a mom. I get tears thinking about her and I know so many do, especially my papa. She passed away from cancer seven years ago.

Having Apple has been a blessing but it has also brought up some deep emotions. I look at her and think how I'll be her friend forever. I don't love her more than my boys, but something is different. I see myself as a baby. I think about teaching her how to be a lady, how to apply makeup, talking about her friendships, watching girly tv together and so much more. I want to give her everything I craved as a young adult and into motherhood. 

I have a trust in my husband he will continue to be a strong influence for our boys and a soft daddy for our girl. He had that life growing up that I wanted and  has such a big heart. And for me... I'll do what I know best. I'll love them hard, teach them right and pray for answers that I may need.

Happy Mother's Day. Especially to my grandma in heaven.


Kingsley's birthday party + Olloclip

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

This past weekend my oldest arrived from Canada and I decided to celebrate Kingsley turning five early. That way I could have all my kids together and Kingsley will have memories of his day with the entire family. There is something that changes when my three boys are together. Each one gets louder and the laughter erupts more often. Usually because two are teaming up to beat up or tease the odd man out. Really, what boy who's turning five doesn't want two birthdays?

When it comes to parties or activities for the kids I want real images. I learned through the years that all the professional photos I spent money on when my big boys were young, aren't the ones they want to see. It's the moments they were sitting with friends or family, it's naming who that little friend of theirs was at the party, it's seeing themselves with their cake, what they requested for their meal and how we decorated the table. It is talking about the day they get to eat all the candies we buy to sprinkle the table with and for them to listen to my stories of how I cried they because they grow up to fast. All the photos I thought were perfect when they are sitting pretty on a nice chair with perfectly matched outfits and done hair, fake smiling and head tilting mean nothing to them.

I let my kids pick their theme and meals. They go shopping with me and I think that's more exciting for them than the party. Filling the cart full of what they want for their birthday. I get them to leave the room while I set up and then surprise them once everything is together! Kingsley chose a rainbow pool party and fried chicken with waffles. When he came out to find out colourful surprise he exclaimed "You are the best mom ever! I got goosebumps this is so cool! Can I eat the candy now?" 

As most of you know I use my iPhone for all my photos. I have a great high end camera but between downloads and the bulk of it, I don't use it. For King's party I teamed up with Olloclip to capture my pictures on my iPhone but with the feel and look of my big camera. It is the best of both worlds! My slim easy to use iPhone with small lens clips that make amazing photos!

Below are my pictures using the Olloclip. They have fun options like fisheye and super wide angle and great basics lenses like macro. I personally love using the macro as it gives that crisp clean image up close with the fogged back. (now I am no photographer by profession just a momtographer who is still learning new things! So I don't know the lingo but I do know how to round up my kids and snap!)

Mom tips:

Plan your party or event at their happiest time. Even if it is early morning your child and you will be happier.

If photographing a baby have them well fed before. Use a noisy rattle to grab their attention.

Lighting is key to indoor photos but if it is dark or yellowed. Use the photo settings on your phone or from an app to lighten/expose image slightly. I use the "cast" under "color" in my iphone and turn down to the first notch. This takes out that yellow hue and brightens my whites.

Try different angles. Do not be afraid to get on a stool and look down at them. It creates fun unique images. It is not like we are printing every photo we take. If you hate it delete it.

Take at least five photos when they pose. Practice to get quicker so they are still standing when you snap more than two. You will have the five to select from because one kid always closes their eyes! I use the favourite heart symbol when I go through my images to know what ones I liked most then delete the bad ones. The favourites album also help you when grabbing your best images to add to a new album or social media/printing.

When possible turn off the lights and only use natural light. Your image will look better using the exposure to brighten than having that bad orange or yellow glow.

Bribe your children. "Yes! You can have that candy as soon as I get this picture!"

If you are having a party like we did in the dining room no one wants to see adult art in the background pictures. Make it fun and cover the art or TV's with wrapping paper that matches your theme. It makes your pictures look much better for dollars in wrapping paper.

Remember, your child doesn't want perfect, they want memories to look back on. 

Have fun and enjoy the party too!

telephoto lens
telephoto lens
telephoto lens
wide-angle lens
wide-angle lens
telephoto lens
telephoto lens
fisheye lens
telephoto lens
wide-angle lens
wide-angle lens
telephoto lens
fisheye lens
telephoto lens
telephoto lens

ultra-wide lens (ps. King sneaking in treats before the party!)
wide-angle lens

close up of his eye with the macro.

check out  for more info!

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Sunday, May 1, 2016


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