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Saturday, April 30, 2016

During my pregnancy I had wrote a blog post on my fear of SIDS and my scary experience I had with my oldest son. In that blog I mentioned my newest purchase the Owlet Care Monitor. I would like to take a moment to update everyone with my experience.

Setting up the Owlet Care monitor felt like a task. Honestly, I should have done it prior to having Apple. Thankfully though, I had a willing teenager who loves technology do it for me. You sync the monitor to your Iphone (now available for other phones I have learned). Once you are set up and have your baby's info input you are ready to use the system. You'll need to fit the right sized sock on your baby by following the instructions. This is where I couldn't read or have the patience as I was ready for bed and my teen was starting to boss me a bit on doing it perfect! Once our sock battle ended and we had Apple perfectly fitted I was ready to give her last feed and crash for the night. Well... for the next couple hours at least.

As we finished up and she went into her Dockatot, now peacefully sleeping, I decided to check her stats. This was the best part! I got excited to see her little heart rate and oxygen level. I had to call in my husband to come watch my phone with me. You would have thought we were parents for the first time since we could have sat there all night. (as you have more kids you kind of tone down the obsession a During the first night I had the soft glow of the Owlet dock beside my bed and it gave me reassurance. I felt like there was something more helping me watch her while she was sleeping.

We have now been using the monitor for quite some time and I have been nothing but pleased with the system. Last weekend we even used it when we left Apple for the first time home. My husband had business associates in town and I decided to attend their dinner since it was going to be during Apple's normal bed time. Before I left she was fitted with her Owlet sock and all systems were on, she nursed and fell asleep peacefully in her Stokke crib in our room. We snuck out down the street and arrived a little late. Explaining to the guys I wanted to join but needed the baby to be sleeping before I would leave one of the men say "too bad you can't watch her from here". I pulled out my phone to show him and replied "Her heart rate is 134 and oxygen level is at 99%" flipping my phone towards him. I am pretty sure if these guys were in the market for having new babies they all would have purchased a monitor!

So in the end I would highly recommend the monitor! I know I am resting a little easier with it on baby Apple. You will also impress your friends with known stats.

  And to read details on how it works! (I wrote more about this in a previous post)

Buy the Owlet HERE

The newborn sock. 

Screen shots of what it looks like in use.

The base of the monitor at night. It turns red and alarms with a problem. It also alarms to your phone.

This was a reading when we stepped out.

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Monday, April 11, 2016


A dozen ways to style your nursing tank...

Thursday, April 7, 2016

I understand that buying nursing wear can feel expensive. For many it is looked at as a luxury item but really it's as necessary as buying bottles. Baby needs access to the food source and often times mommy's regular wardrobe doesn't provide this easily.

If you can just invest in one wearable item I would suggest a good fitting nursing tank. This way you can maximize your regular wardrobe by pairing up different items to create different looks! Bravado Designs has a easy wear nursing tank with neat clasps that blend in if you aren't looking close. They come in actual bra sizes and this allows you to get a better fit. The tank I am wearing is the Dream tank. For every tank purchased Bravado will donate one tank to Baby Buggy to support a new mother in need. #supportthedream

Check out 

One tank a dozen styles!

Three months postpartum and my most asked about baby items...

Friday, April 1, 2016

Wow! Three months is here. How can this be? Time has been stolen from me yet again! As if I didn't learn it's cruel with my last babies. All those plans I made to lose my baby weight by now are far gone. (Yes, this was a big unachievable goal but I thought just maybe...) Recovery after birth started out with a bang this time! I was feeling amazing and was fitting into some of my bigger regular clothes right away. Nursing was going great and sleep was pretty ok. It wasn't until a couple weeks after birth that I realized my down there region had not been healing well. During a check up I was told I had a prolapsed uterus and bladder. I had heard of this before but had not done much research on it prior. After listening to my doctor to slow down and no more moving furniture around my house, only carrying the weight of baby Apple, I felt let down. After having such a long hard pregnancy and the incompetent cervix, best rest, and surgery while pregnant, I couldn't wait to be myself again. I needed to take it easy and this doesn't come easy for me. I tried my best to relax and follow orders but honestly, I was not great at it. I've been slowly recovering and still can't go on major walks without it reminding my it's there and absolutely can not jog yet. Baby number four, pushing so hard and fast did a number on my body.

Apple is still exclusively breastfed and will be for six months. At that time she will still only get breastmilk without pumping and will start solids. I find it easier to feed her than to clean up after pumping and using bottles. I also use this as an excuse to a) avoid activities I don't want to attend. - I can't come I need to stay with Apple because she is breastfed exclusively. b) escape from convos that I don't want to be in - I need to go feed Apple. c) be served by everyone in my house - I am feeding Apple can you bring me water (wine, snack plate, iphone, list goes on!) d) buy new clothes - I really needed this new nursing top. You know I saved money this month not buying formula!. The list of reasons and benefits go on.

Our sleep has finally got into a wonderful pattern. Apple is sleeping around eight hour stretches at night. I am surprised she is sleeping this long since she pretty much lives in the baby carrier (asleep) during the day. The odd nights she is now going down at 9pm and making it until 7am. Those ones are welcomed to come more often!

Overall, I am loving life with four kids. My heart is full and so are my hands but I wouldn't trade this for anything. Being a mom is the best job in the world! I deal with high anxiety at times, worrying about them being safe and their future in this world. Thankfully, it is much less debilitating than it was with Kingsley. This time it doesn't stop me or make me cry as much. I just yell a lot more at them on their bikes to stay safe, at the park to not climb so high, as they're eating to not take such big choking hazard bites! Lol!

This is my motherhood journey and it may not be perfect but I thank God for giving me my very own little people every single day.

The most popular questions of products I am liking, using or recommend are below.

We are currently using MAM  pacifiers. 
My boys had taken this nipple style the best too. 

YES! Dockatot is worth the purchase. 
We love ours and I wish I had this for my other kids. Makes co-sleeping so much better! I just started putting her to sleep in the crib (in our room) to start and once she wakes and feeds she continues in the Dockatot. Prior was all night in the Dock. 
She also uses the brand Ergo Pouch swaddle. We just transitioned up on size. I prefer these easy zip styles!

We use the Owlet Care monitor every night. 
This is a saving grace for peace of mind. Especially now that she is sleeping long stretches. The ULTIMATE item on my list! Love love love!

Our go to carrier is the Ergo
I am using my gray organic in the house for everyday and it has broken in amazing! So soft and formed to Apple. I keep my other Ergo's for pretty wears. Since this gray is going through the ringer. (Literally being washed after cooking and everything in it!)

A very close in the running is the Lille Baby. The pink is so fun! I feel very comfortable in this carrier. (Note: we had to wash it from a bad poo explosion and it came out perfect!)
I use two styles switching them up since I carry a great part of the day! I'm a big SSC lover because honestly they give the best support once baby puts on weight and they are easiest on and off.

She wears Bambo Nature diapers.
These are a great skin, eco and environmentally friendly choice. The only diaper Apple hasn't rashes with. She takes after her oldest brother being ultra sensitive. 

Her favourite chair is the Bjorn Bouncer.
We just added the air edition for our patio/pool area. Its a cooler fabric. 

Best nursing bra for everyday use is my Bravado Body Silk.
It is comfortable and supportive for hours of wearing. I grab this bra first because I'm still in that state of wanting comfy and haven't slimmed down to where I feel good in fitted bras. I hate when I get back rolls. 

Best nursing chair in my house is my Monte Design Como.
We have this set in my master bedroom and they are the so comfortable! I love Monte, this is also the brand in Apple's nursery. (The white Vola)

The nursing pillow I use most is by Nook.
It feels the best for in bed and my nursing chairs. I like the classic U design. 


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