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Saturday, April 30, 2016

During my pregnancy I had wrote a blog post on my fear of SIDS and my scary experience I had with my oldest son. In that blog I mentioned my newest purchase the Owlet Care Monitor. I would like to take a moment to update everyone with my experience.

Setting up the Owlet Care monitor felt like a task. Honestly, I should have done it prior to having Apple. Thankfully though, I had a willing teenager who loves technology do it for me. You sync the monitor to your Iphone (now available for other phones I have learned). Once you are set up and have your baby's info input you are ready to use the system. You'll need to fit the right sized sock on your baby by following the instructions. This is where I couldn't read or have the patience as I was ready for bed and my teen was starting to boss me a bit on doing it perfect! Once our sock battle ended and we had Apple perfectly fitted I was ready to give her last feed and crash for the night. Well... for the next couple hours at least.

As we finished up and she went into her Dockatot, now peacefully sleeping, I decided to check her stats. This was the best part! I got excited to see her little heart rate and oxygen level. I had to call in my husband to come watch my phone with me. You would have thought we were parents for the first time since we could have sat there all night. (as you have more kids you kind of tone down the obsession a During the first night I had the soft glow of the Owlet dock beside my bed and it gave me reassurance. I felt like there was something more helping me watch her while she was sleeping.

We have now been using the monitor for quite some time and I have been nothing but pleased with the system. Last weekend we even used it when we left Apple for the first time home. My husband had business associates in town and I decided to attend their dinner since it was going to be during Apple's normal bed time. Before I left she was fitted with her Owlet sock and all systems were on, she nursed and fell asleep peacefully in her Stokke crib in our room. We snuck out down the street and arrived a little late. Explaining to the guys I wanted to join but needed the baby to be sleeping before I would leave one of the men say "too bad you can't watch her from here". I pulled out my phone to show him and replied "Her heart rate is 134 and oxygen level is at 99%" flipping my phone towards him. I am pretty sure if these guys were in the market for having new babies they all would have purchased a monitor!

So in the end I would highly recommend the monitor! I know I am resting a little easier with it on baby Apple. You will also impress your friends with known stats.

  And to read details on how it works! (I wrote more about this in a previous post)

Buy the Owlet HERE

The newborn sock. 

Screen shots of what it looks like in use.

The base of the monitor at night. It turns red and alarms with a problem. It also alarms to your phone.

This was a reading when we stepped out.


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