Bambo Nature Diapers...

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I discovered Bambo Nature when Apple was around two weeks old. She had been getting rashes from the other mainstream brands and I needed to find a better option. A friend had mentioned Bambo Nature to me and I had realized I saw this brand on Thrive Market, the online health store. I figured they were worth trying, since Thrive Market does a great job at selecting options for healthy lifestyles and homes.

I ordered my first box and after getting the delivery, we tried on our first diaper. I found they were a generous cut compared to other brands and a lighter feeling diaper. I was skeptical that I was going to love them. (I had been sold on the cute prints offered by another company..but goodness did she rash from those!) After two days of her in the Bambo Nature diapers her rash cleared up! The first time since she had it at a couple days old. I was so relieved and happy my poor baby's butt was better. 

Overall I am super happy with the diapers! My little missy is a slim baby so they are a little more overlapped on the waist tightening but overall the fit totally works! They are soft to touch and have been nothing short of awesome for us!

As a bonus to Apple not getting rashes the diapers are a great option for the picky mom. 
Bambo Nature has no chlorine or any other dangerous chemicals used or added during production.
 They are certified eco friendly, using sustainable resources.
Guaranteed quality with maximum absorbency and softness.


The Orbit Baby O2, G3 stroller and car seat system...

Monday, March 28, 2016

I wrote about choosing my Orbit car seat while I was pregnant with Apple, I felt it was time to share my complete Orbit Baby system on the blog. 

I'm a big fan of Orbit Baby and have been for years! I used the infant seat with Kingsley and was so impressed with the quality. Having met the founder many years ago, I recall how passionate he was for his brand. I'm so happy with the new products and improvements on the originals now with Apple's set.

What I own from Orbit Baby currently is the Limited Edition Porter collection; this includes the G3 stroller base, car seat and base, and seat for stroller in gray. I additionally purchased to mix and match with this set, the O2 jogging base stroller , bassinet and kick board to allow King to ride along. I can basically have 6 different options to push by mixing and matching!

The best change on the G3 since 4 years ago with King's model is the basket. It's now a proper basket with simple opening ends. I feel safe dropping my wallet in there because it's not exposed but still easy to get in and out. The push has improved quite a bit from the older model with the changes on the quad shock system. I love the oh so important the cup holder, it's the best! Girl needs her iced coffee and bottled water with easy access! It's neatly between the handles. 

Moving on to the O2 and my thoughts on it. I enjoy it as my home stroller or stroller for active days going for long walks or if we go to the beach. (I'm planning that soon! The desert has been drying my skin and I need that ocean moisture!) The push is so nice with its large air fills wheels! I haven't used our seat option yet, as I've been mainly clicking on my bassinet for Apple and the odd time I've used our car seat attached. I prefer my little ones in bassinets for walks. Not only is it better for them to be flat in the bassinet, it's much cuter! (Babies in pram bassinets gets me all classic mommy feeling!) I do find the O2 base to be bulky for packing in and out of the car for myself. But that's because I'm always overdressed for Target and Coctco runs! Lol! I think if I was a little more sporty it wouldn't bother me because it's not the weight of it that I can't manage, it's the bigger tires that can get my dresses dirty. Overall I've been very happy with the O2. I can't wait until I start to jog again (someday.. hoping) and use it for it's true design!

I've shared some photos of the Orbit system below, you can see how it really is flexible! It also looks pretty unique and the LE Porter gray is awesome! The black interior hides stains and the gray outside doesn't scuff up easily. 


Packing my diaper bag...

Thursday, March 17, 2016

I own a couple different diaper bags so I like to keep things simple for transferring between bags I use that day. These tips also work great for a well organized trip out with baby. 

Here are some of the essentials in my bag. 

• soft style baby carrier (a Solly or Sakura style)
•nursing cover (I use Bebe Au Lait)
•cute outfit change
•sleeper if I go through that cute outfit
•a thin baby blanket (so it doesn't take up space)
•large pack wipes and diapers (kept in a wet bag that doubles use if there was a poo explosion. I prefer the pack of wipes over small refill so I never run out. Ps I use Bambo Nature diapers and love them!)
•snacks for mom and toddler (hunger can hit anytime hard when nursing and no new mama wants a hangry kid)
•a drink for toddler (I also take a fresh bottle water for myself every trip)

I use a soft cloth bag to store her extra change of clothes. This keeps them clean and prevents little items like socks or slippers from getting lost. My snacks, diapers and bag of clothes are also easier to transfer from bag to bag. Even if you're only using one bag it sits better in your diaper bag and you'll feel more organized. The diapers also won't get crunched in the pouches by having them in a wet bag. I do switch what carrier I'm using, but always take a wrap or sling because these are great if I decide to go out for a lunch or coffee. They are nursing friendly and fit comfortable when I'm sitting. Eventually, as Apple grows we will use our SSC (ergo type) carriers exclusively. I then leave one in my car at all times so I'm never without. 

Diaper bag by JuJuBe
Snack bags by Itzy Ritzy
Wet bag by AMP
Drink cooler by Zoli
Gertie the Goose by TOT Corp. - from Amelie & Max
Silk sling by Sakura Bloom
Nursing cover by Bebe Au Lait


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