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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I wanted to write this post because it has been something on my mind ever since I had Apple. When I was pregnant, I imagined the change in what I show and post on my social media to go from fashion and fun flatlays to a cute dressed baby and breastfeeding/babywearing photos. I had this big intention on sharing my journey as a mom and supporting all the breastfeeding moms out there! I thought I would share my new nursing tops, bra's I love wearing and pictures of us using our nursing pillows and more. 

What I quickly came to realize, my posts and photos may come across as breastfeeding is the best and only thing I support. I feel like this can be hurtful to moms who choose not to b-feed or had struggles and stopped. I never want to be that person, so I have been shying away from over sharing my own passion. I know that breastfeeding is a highly debated subject so where do I draw the line? Do I post my new Ergo nursing pillow excited to use it? Do I post my newest nursing top because I think it is uber flattering? Or do I keep these to a minimum to stay neutral on the subject? 

It has been with great debate that I am going to continue sharing. I hope not to offend people because I truly think all parents have the rights to raise their kids the way they want to. I don't stand on either side of the fence, I stand for parenting the way you want to. So, if you follow my journey and I tell you I nurse my littles for two years don't worry, I am not judging, I am sharing what I do. 

Since this little post comes down to equality for moms breastfeeding or not let me finally share our newest nursing pillow by Ergo Baby. Whether you are nursing or bottle feeding, pillows are great to have! 
(Now that we got the air clear and you know I love you all, no matter the way your baby gets dinner!)

 Here is the Ergo pillow. 

The Ergo Baby design is quite different than the regular "U" type pillows. It is quite firm and has a scooping spot baby falls into when you feed. This slope actually allows you to be slightly more hands free if you wanted. (cough* cough* texting/instgramming cough*) It also allows different body shapes to hold baby, as my husband is larger than I am it works well for him. My teenager has also discovered this shape works well as a back rest! LOL! We have already experienced some spit ups on our pillow and it just wiped clean. I personally hate laundry so that is a total bonus!

Clip holding my top is by IG -GetNurselet (


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