Day out with baby and learning how to balance yourself...

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Recently was invited to be a modelling mom for Belly Bandit (a very very brief segment on the news) Of course, I said I'd love to go to the city and make it a fun day adventure in LA. 

The morning of our trip to LA we woke up early. Wearing baby Apple in the Ergo I curled my hair and loaded on the makeup. I felt excited to really get out. I had big plans to do some shopping, eat at one of my favourite places and even possibly hit the beach for a stroll by the ocean. 

Hubs had everything I needed packed in the car including the O2 for that beach stroll, G3 for shopping and I had baby ready to go in her car seat. We got on the road with coffee in hand, baby sleeping peacefully and excitement we were our old selves! Traffic was non existent, we made the drive to LA the fastest ever. It was clearly a sign it was time for me to get out and about 

The news segment went off without a hitch! (Well that is until I couldn't remember my own website - but I wasn't supposed to have a talking spot! And I'm also sleep deprived!) We decided to roll out our plans of strolling the streets for some fun shopping, get a bite to eat and maybe get down to the beach area for more cute shops and a stroll at that beach I had planned.

Smiling, shopping, picture taking we were having fun. We chatted about everything including how great it was to be such cool active parents. I splurged on my food and I even chowed down a sugar filled cake for dessert... It was then things changed. Our bill came for our meal and it hit me. Exhaustion! I was so tired and realized I had slept no more than four hours last night. It was time to go home, now!! Looking down at my perfectly behaved sleeping baby my heart sank and I wanted to cry. Why had I thought I could do so much? Sure the actual part of going out is easy. I had everything I needed to travel flawlessly. My car seat could transport my sleeping baby if I needed or I could lay her in the bassinet and proudly push her knowing people would check out my sweet baby. But what I forgot was the fact I am running off little steam and hormones are surging through me. I forgot how fast little emotions get big when you just had a baby. 

This has to be the hardest balance a mother faces. How to manage your life as a new mom while your old self is asking to come out. Even after baby number four I am still learning. I'm not sure I'm ready to do big trips yet, so I'll stick to having fun close to home. That way I get the perfect balance I need at this moment. 

Here are some snaps from our day in LA. We obviously ditched the beach!! Lol


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