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Saturday, January 16, 2016

What a story to tell this little girl someday is thankfully over. After a long four months in Vancouver, we were finally able to travel home. Baby girl was a whopping forty-eight hours old and about to start the journey and take her first flight. We packed into an SUV with all our belongings and started the drive from Vancouver to Seattle. Being that London was so new we weren't able to get her passport in time and had to drive her across the USA/Canada border with the required paperwork. With a few stops for feeding breaks the overall drive went as smooth as possible. I sat in the back and stared in awe that I had this new baby while the boys happily played on their devices. 

We got to the airport on what felt like the busiest day ever! This is where I realized I was in for more than I bargained. After being pushed, butted in front of, asked a million times how old my baby was and being told I was nuts over and over we stopped for a pump and feed prior to boarding the plane. My milk came in with enough to feed a village and the fact I had been up for over two days was starting to affect me. I won't bore everyone with the details of entire day but I will say it was a much bigger, more emotional day than I ever expected! After eleven hours of travel our plane finally landed and I cried. It was over and I knew I was done the biggest journey ever. I had so much relief to be on the ground.

I'm thankful to be home and in my own bed. I'm ever so grateful to have a healthy full term baby girl. I would do it all over again, the moving, the stress, surgery, ups and downs of 2015. Maybe next time waiting an extra couple days to fly! I know for sure the hard days make the good days that much better and I'll forever be appreciative of what I have. It's now been two weeks and we are settling in to our routine. Every morning I wake up I feel blessed to see a new baby beside me, boys I love and to have our health.

P.S. She was the youngest passenger our flight crew ever had. I also want to shout out a thank you to Delta Air. They were amazing and the most accommodating when they saw our newborn boarding the plane. The entire flight we were taken care of.

My thirty-nine week bumpdate had a baby in the photo instead of belly.

One of the few nursing roadside stops. 

The nursing room at Seattle airport. 

Proud big brother. 

Traveling with Orbit. 


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