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Saturday, January 16, 2016

This is a list of a few items worth buying for after birth of your precious little one.

Amorini Silver Nipple Covers :: These little silver nipple shields (not the feeding type nipple shield) are shaped to cover your nipple. Silver has natural antibacterial healing properties. And unlike using creams or balms that can leave residue or need to be wiped off they are the purest protection for your breasts and baby. I personally found them amazing because pads and nursing bras can stick to your nipple that is super sensitive when newly breastfeeding. Pulling off a stuck pad can be torture olive ripping open a new wound. These little formed covers come off easily without pain every time.

Belly Bandit Bamboo Postpartum Wrap :: This is the secret to reducing that swollen tummy and helping you get back to shape sooner. Wrapping is an age old tequnique used around the world mainly for medical reasons these days. Wearing a wrap post baby has so many benefits like reducing swelling, helping flush fluids away from the area compressed, reminding you of good posture and much more. When you wear the wrap you can adjust from upper tummy to lower waist. I try to wear mine twelve plus hours a day.

Belly Bandit Hip Bandit :: When your body is preparing for birth you release a hormone called Relaxin. This is what helps your pelvic expand for birth. This hormone continues in your body for seven to eight  weeks after birth. By using the hip band you can use that hormone to your benefit and tighten your pelvic and hips back together. Some women have been known to have smaller measurements after birth by using suck products. When you wear it properly for a good length of time and tight enough you may feel some mild aching. I had more aching with my last baby than I do with having London.

Bravado Bodysilk Bra :: Comfort, easy access, full breast exposure when cup dropped, simple sizing, washes and dries in normal laundry, adjusts to large cup size with engorgement. Need I say more?

Nuroo Pocket Skin to Skin Shirt :: This top is genius! Get your skin to skin while keeping baby and yourself covered and comfortable. It is extremely easy to put on with your newborn. If you are breastfeeding this will help your bonding and promote your milk to come in faster. You are tired after birth and yet want to do the best for your baby, wearing this top frees your hands and allows you to relax your body while having baby as snug as a bug. I wore mine right away and the bonding was wonderful. I didn't need to put her down when I had to get out of bed or worry if she was chilly.


Amorini Shields 

Bravado Bodysilk Nursing Bra

Belly Bandit Bamboo post delivery four days.

Top to right :: Belly Bandit Corset, Bamboo Bandit, Hip Bandit

Post delivery sixteen days.

Nuroo T-shirt Carrier one day old.
Nuroo T-Shirt carrier 23 days old. 


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