Thirty- five weeks pregnant...

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Thirty-five weeks! Wow! 

We are coming so close to the end of the bump and beginning of our life as a family of six. Time has been passing by quickly and that's so unusual for the end of a pregnancy. I know it has to do with the planning and setting up our house. Since we just moved and then I had moved to Vancouver to have Apple, I didn't get a chance to do anything or get settled into our place. It's been a lot of furniture ordering, deal searching, nagging Kurt on what colour he likes (not that he gets to pick but more about moral support. Lol), and figuring out baby gear still needed, all with perfect timing to arrive when Kurt is at our California house. Basically, many things to help keep me occupied while waiting for baby.

When I'm not online shopping, dealing with homeschool stuff for Middle or being a mom that's needed, I am dreaming about this baby girl. What will she look like and how different will it be for us to have a girl? I had a surreal moment in Pottery Barn the other day. I escaped out of the house alone to do a little browsing boutiques and pick up a few things I had wanted ahead. While buying extra crib sheets and it hit me hard, I was on the girl side. I don't know what it was because I've purchased so many girl clothes (although online mostly) but I had felt like it was a dream! My head was overwhelmed and I felt like crying this is true and real life. I might always get this feeling or life may become normal for us with three boys and a girl. But having overcome the odds in the pregnancy, paired with a girl arriving, it can still make my head spin. 

Now that little Apple is head down and my cerclage removal is booked it's not much longer. I have heard many stories of babies not coming on time after cerclage removal and others going into labour right after. I'm hoping for soon after the cerclage comes out but not the next day. The day after the removal will be the date my dad passed away. It was a bit of an overwhelming time that has some hard memories attached... I was away myself with my boys for Christmas in Cali and got called by my grandparents. Even though life wasn't perfect between my father and I, the fact he passed away in a fire was hard to take. I'd like to leave this behind me and let Apple have her own special date. A celebratory day of new life. In the end only God knows what's in the plan for us and I am going to trust everything is meant to be.

Notes ::

My cerclage comes out in under two weeks.

Food cravings are minimal as I'm sticking to a Paleo plan. (I did a whole30 in November)

Kingsley is obsessed with Apple kisses, tummy rubs and being a big brother.

She has a name that is not Apple. The initials are L.N.A.

Weight gain to date is twenty one pounds.


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