Packing for baby delivery day ...

Sunday, November 29, 2015

As the end of this pregnancy starts to near, it's time to prepare for the hospital trip!

So many emotions flowed as I started to sort and decide what little outfits to bring, checking off the required list of items I need for the hospital stay and leaving home. As many of you know my last baby was a home birth and I have said how that was so much easier. My meaning for easier is not having to worrying about being without my personal belongings and no worries about what to bring for baby. Since I like things to be planned and preferably perfect (this is a fault) having a baby doesn't really fit this unless you are scheduled for a C-section.

Through the pregnancy we had been told at so many appointments I am surpassing anything they thought I would. The latest updates being that my body is back to normal. I now have no clue if baby Apple will even arrive by her due date! I truly can not believe I am typing this sentence.. not arriving early?? How can that be? I guess it was all those prayers and best wishes sent that helped us achieve such big goals after the scariest times and emergency cerclage to save her life.

So, you are here wondering what I am packing? This is what made the cut and also a few must haves in my bag. I have a mommy bag and a baby bag ready to go. This will make it easier than putting everything together in one oversize bag for my husband. He tries his best but if I ask that man to grab something out of my purse I swear he messes it all to heck! Packing two bag will help me be able to direct him easier to the items I may need.

Little miss Apple's bag includes ::

Leather Bag by OiOi Diaper Bags

•Diapers, wipes and hand sanitizer by Honest Company
•Three sleepers by Next and L'Oved Baby
•Three bamboo gowns by Westcoast baby (These open at the front to achieve skin to skin while nursing baby)
•Baby hats by Westcoast Baby and Blu Taylor (Blu Taylor has an amazing preemie program you should check out)
•Soother by Natursutten (we have many back ups bought since we lose them like socks in our house)
•Soother clip by Loved By Sophie
•Muslin blanket by Buttermilk Babies
•Lace trimmed blanket by Nomilumi
•Bamboo swaddles by Westcoast Baby (they are super soft and the perfect stretch)
•Take me home outfit by Noppies
•Socks, Hair Bands for pictures and her first bunny.
•I have also packed maxi pads - yes, the hospital provides them but I need some for going home and dislike the HUGE bulky ones they give!

To note :: The hospital will provide gowns, sleepers, hats as needed for duration of stay but I prefer my babies in outfits that are soft, special and that I can keep to pull out years later to cry over. Since seeing your baby's first ever hat or sleeper so small is incredibly special when they are grown.

It all fits into my OiOi Diaper bag perfectly! This size bag is not big and bulky, perfect for day trips out. 

What is in my bag? Lots! Just kidding.. But honestly some items I know I want available right away.

Knowing how I was the last births I have packed a bra for labour and 2 nursing bra's for after. I have this thing will feeling restricted during labour and birth so I prefer pretty much just my bra on. Yup, this does makes my nurses want to offer me a gown or whatever. Everyone is different and for me I need to feel free and I have the tendency to reach down and pull out my babies when it's push time. So no hospital gown works perfect.  (yes, all three I grabbed out myself!) This is probably part of my need to control everything around me. LOL!

•Three nursing bra's by Bravado Designs and Belabumbum
•Nursing tank by Glamourmom (I wear these a lot when nursing after)
•Three pair undies. (I will use the hospital ones at first)
•Three pair socks
•Nipple cream by Honest Company
•Lara bars for snacks for after birth (I will go crazy on their apple juice provided!)
•Laundry bag for items that may by soiled from Freshly Picked bundle
•Soft robe by Freshly Picked bundle
•Nursing pads (sorry not shown) 
•Makeup wipes, dry shampoo, hair spray, under eye cream for puffy (to help me look semi OK in photos) by Sephora
•Toothbrush, toothpaste, lipchap, maxi pads, hair elastics
•My super important after baby wrap by Belly Bandit (this helps reducing the swollen belly and takes care of the jiggly feeling. I will continue to wear a wrap for 6-8 weeks minimum. I'll follow up in another post after baby comes to show progress and talk about the wraps.)
•Clothing for leaving the hospital including a cardigan for my duration there and slip on shoes

•Not shown but sooo important! My Nikon Camera. Some things require more than an Iphone. AND my Nook Niche nursing pillow.

All packed in the stunning Mia Bossi Maria bag. A new colour just released in pink leather.

Some items I have at home to be prepared is Advil and Tylenol for after birth pains. These get worse with each delivery. Extra apple juice because we are usually a juice free house. I also pre-made a few soups for the freezer. We are travelling to our house in California within a few days of being released otherwise my home prep would have been more. Last three kids I made a month worth meals so I could eat well without the hassle. I will probably take a day once I arrive at our home to prep for the freezer so I can go on enjoying my newborn. 


The Bjorn Bouncer ...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Some baby things stand out more than others on my MUST HAVE list.
The Baby Bjorn bouncer is one that fits this.

The original reason I purchased the Bjorn bouncer with my last son was because of style. I wanted a bouncer to fit our home decor, something without little characters on it. This fit beautifully into our home. Once Kingsley was born we started to use the bouncer on the lowest recline. It was the perfect cradle for his tiny body and the big boys would gently bounce him. As he started to grow I noticed this was our go to item.... Where baby King was the bouncer followed. 

We went away on our first trip when Kingsley was a few weeks old and if anyone knows travelling with babies; they take up the most space! Thankfully, the fold flat design allowed us to pack the Bjorn seat. As Kingsley grew we were able to change positions on the seat to being more upright and his own weight and movements started to bounce the chair himself. Cleaning the seat wasn't a problem since the cover slips off like a dream and washes up easily. This was handy since we travelled everywhere with our seat. Literally across USA, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean and even packed this onto a cruise! It made life so much easier having our favourite chair always available.

I chose the beige fabric for Apple's bouncer. They do have options like airflow fabric and soft jersey cottons in a variety of colours.

The seat is battery free and once baby starts moving it will move on without the parents help.

Can be used newborn to two years. 

Strap to hold baby is soft and wide for baby's comfort. Strap is also easy to work for new parents!


Pretty little accessories...

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Aren't girl accessories fun? Here is a look at some of Apple's little things. There Is no doubt I am enjoying pinks, polkadots, and hair accessories.

Bonnets by :: Rain People (find her on Etsy - RainPeopleBC)

Moccs by :: Freshly Picked

Classic (from the baby bundle) , Cashmere, Blush

Knit bonnet by Maruma Kids (find her on Etsy - Marumakids)

Sweaters by :: Zara

Metal rattle :: brand unknown (bought at a home wares gift shop)

                      Stunning blanket, teether toy, paci clip by :: Nomilu (find her on Etsy - Nomilu)

                                                Moccs by :: Freshly Picked in colour Let It Go

                                                     Bunny themed outfits by :: Baby Gap

                                      Leather bow headbands by :: Loved by Sophie Claire 
(www.lovedbysophieclaire.com) These are some of my faves and I got the matching soother clips I LOVE! 


Label by Legoe Maternity...

Monday, November 16, 2015

When I received my package from Label by Legoe, I knew it would be something I had to blog about. I love the simple style and basic colour palette that will easily fit into any existing wardrobe. Most items have a slim flattering fit, not too tight, showing off your growing bump. If you are like me and want value with your clothing purchases, this is a brand that works after baby too. The white boyfriend shirtdress is sure to become my go to item after Apple arrives! I love anything with easy nursing access and simple throw on and go style. The cottons are soft and have enough stretch to be forgiving in places we need when pregnant. I can't wait to wear my white tshirt dress when I'm back in the Cali warmth!

Label by Legoe offers world wide shipping at a flat rate price making ordering easy. 



Boobie bars for breastfeeding...

Monday, November 9, 2015

You read the title right! Yes, there is such a thing!

I had to share with all of you these wonderful little creations. I know from years of working with new moms one of the biggest worries is milk supply. (My store specialized in breastfeeding attire and support for new moms.) Sometimes even the most seasoned moms would come in and ask if there was anything easy to consume to help their supply. This could be due to many things like going back to work and pumping, introducing solids so baby isn't on the breast as much, natural drop, or they may have started a new fitness routine and eating habit trying to get back to pre-baby. Whatever the reasons were, some moms felt they needed milk boosting. We sold teas for this and I would suggest the over the counter boosters that you can take like fenugreek. But pills and tea all day are not easy to consume, and some moms just flat out didn't like these options and wanted something easier. 

This is where my excitement comes to introduce you to Boobie Bar, the original lactation bar. This tasty little treat was created by nurse Wendy, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Nurse Wendy spent hours creating the perfect recipe that both works great and tastes wonderful. It's tricky to hide those pesky herbs! The bars are convenient to grab and go and are packaged individually. I recommend popping one or two into your diaper bag.
These are definitely going in my hospital bag because no harm in helping my milk!

About Boobie Bar :: 

Recommend one a day to help the boobie milk stay. 

Helpful ingredients include Moringa (the tree of life), Shatavari root, Coconut oil, Flaxseed, Brewers Yeast, Fenugreek, Turmeric, Oatmeal.  (There is a Gluten-free option) 

Come in three yummy flavours. 

Most moms see results in an increase in milk within a few days. 

Boobie Bars contain no dairy, no corn, and are 100% vegan and kosher.

Please see frequently asked questions on the Boobie Bar site. www.getboobiebars.com



Sorry I have to fine print this! *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Please discuss use of this product, and any other lactation products or concerns with your lactation consultant, midwife, or other healthcare practitioner. 


My favourite pregnancy pillow...

Sunday, November 1, 2015

If you're having a hard time getting comfortable while pregnant (or not!) you must try the Bumpnest! I got mine at twenty weeks pregnant and it's been a dream! Literally! They come in fun prints and have removable/washable covers. Best part there is no seam inside that digs into your neck! They also help prevent me from rolling on to my back during the night, keeping the weight of the my uterus and baby Apple off the vena cava for optimum blood circulation. (Vena Cava- The main vein that carries blood back to the heart from your lower body.)

Bumpnest believes that with a good night’s sleep, mommies-to-be are better able to handle anything that pregnancy (and life) throws their way. I can't agree more, since I know myself with what life has thrown me this year, if I wasn't sleeping I would be a ball of stress!

So go ahead and spoil yourself! Order one of these great pillows! No worries if it's not for you because Bumpnest offers a thirty day guarantee. I highly recommend. They are also doing direct shipments to Canada for my fellow Canadian friends!

Tip: By simply placing the long slide in between you and your partner it works as a great blocker if you are "too tired" with a headache , upset with them, or wanting extra space on your side of the bed. Lol

Giveaway for a free pillow will be closing 7pm EST. (Nov. 1/15) Good luck! 

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