Twenty seven weeks...

Sunday, October 11, 2015

I'm so incredibly happy to be doing well with the cerclage in, my spirits are high, and I'm feeling so confident I'll make it to term. I've even started to resume a semi normal life! I go out longer these days, cook proper meals for the family and enjoy my time a lot more. But as the happy glow arrived, worry about life after baby has creeped in the door.  Basically, I'm feeling like a normal pregnant lady. 

The other night I felt anxiety on how I will be after baby. (Silly right??) Mainly about my body going back after this baby. I know this isn't anything I should worry about... However, I couldn't resist texting my girfriend for support that I will be ok after. The pregnancy hormone devil is saying I used up all my luck on the last three kids, and telling me I'm even older this baby. Don't they say as you age weight sticks around? I swear these moments get the best of us and even though I'm fairly sensible, I can't help them from crossing my mind. So shall I say "cheers!" to being normal finally or put muffin number five down and get my ass walking. Hmm.. I'll cheers and probably annoy everyone to death for the next ten weeks.


Pregnancy cravings - everything sweet

Apple is kicking less these days. Her home must be getting tight. 

I've started to dream about our first meeting. 

My favourite looks are below. 

Kingsley is wearing ::
Shoes by Freshly Picked
Shirt by Wild Rose Tattoo 
Hat by Lennon and Wolfe
Chain by Gunner and Lux

 Skirt by Isabella Oliver
Tank by Ingrid and Isabel
Leather by Black Noir
Dress by Ingrid and Isabel
Scarf by Aritzia 


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