Twenty nine week bumpdate...

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Twenty-nine weeks is already here! I've surpassed my goal of twenty-eight with flying colours! Latest ultrasounds on the cerclage and cervix show its holding up great still! It's getting so close to taking out the cerclage, under eight weeks left. It has been rubbing and irritating so bad but I'm told this is common. If you're reading this and have a healthy pregnancy please be thankful! So many women complain and while I'm not here to be bossy I want you to be reminded - you are lucky to be growing a beautiful, healthy blessing. Nine months is not that long to pay for the gift of life. 

I'm starting to think about all the required things I need for the hospital and baby. I'm planning to have my hospital bag ready to go at thirty-two weeks. I'll be sure to do a blog about what's in my bag then. I received my Orbit baby system this week. I had a lot of questions about car seats and I plan to follow up this week with my thoughts and recommendations on buying car seats. 

No real changes or big news but I did have some fun outfits I wore on the last two weeks! I'll share those below.

Notes ::

Pregnancy cravings - black licorice and twizzlers! Been on track for overall healthy consumption otherwise. 

I've started to plan the nursery out and can't wait to share what I'll be doing in the future. 

Weight gain to date :: 15 pounds

Dress by :: Tiffany Rose UK 

Overalls :: non maternity from Urban Outfitters

Dress by :: Au Fait Mama (designed for all stages pregnant, nursing, beyond)

Tee by :: Anna Bee (the soft fit is amazing!) 


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