My favourite pregnancy pillow...

Sunday, November 1, 2015

If you're having a hard time getting comfortable while pregnant (or not!) you must try the Bumpnest! I got mine at twenty weeks pregnant and it's been a dream! Literally! They come in fun prints and have removable/washable covers. Best part there is no seam inside that digs into your neck! They also help prevent me from rolling on to my back during the night, keeping the weight of the my uterus and baby Apple off the vena cava for optimum blood circulation. (Vena Cava- The main vein that carries blood back to the heart from your lower body.)

Bumpnest believes that with a good night’s sleep, mommies-to-be are better able to handle anything that pregnancy (and life) throws their way. I can't agree more, since I know myself with what life has thrown me this year, if I wasn't sleeping I would be a ball of stress!

So go ahead and spoil yourself! Order one of these great pillows! No worries if it's not for you because Bumpnest offers a thirty day guarantee. I highly recommend. They are also doing direct shipments to Canada for my fellow Canadian friends!

Tip: By simply placing the long slide in between you and your partner it works as a great blocker if you are "too tired" with a headache , upset with them, or wanting extra space on your side of the bed. Lol

Giveaway for a free pillow will be closing 7pm EST. (Nov. 1/15) Good luck! 


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