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Friday, October 16, 2015

When you name your nursing wear line BOOB Design you must have confidence in your clothes!  Genius I'd say! 

I discovered Boob Design when I had my last baby over four years ago. I loved that you could wear most items through pregnancy and then for nursing after. I usually don't like maternity/nursing clothing with showing flaps or clips because I hate them to scream "I'm in mom wear!". The items I first purchased were such a pleasant surprise, the flap stayed perfectly hidden under my bust! It was great you couldn't even these were for nursing on most items I bought, even up close. The fit on the dresses and tops were nice compared to many brands I tried; almost an hour glass shape to the tops and dresses instead of tent style. This helped flatter my smallest part (rib cage) after baby and made me feel great wearing the pieces!

Boob Design is also an eco friendly fashion line. Who would have guessed you can get such cute items without comprimising your baby's future world? They use 
sustainable materials such as organic cotton, lyocell and fleece made from recycled plastic bottles. Clothing is manufactured in Europe, are 100% OEKO-TEX certified, and eighty percent of the line uses sustainable materials.

Here are a few of my current items I have from the fall collection. I'm wearing them pregnant with the interior elastic under bust to give extra fabric room for my bump. I'll pull the elastic over my bust after I have the baby to take care of the bulk and go back to a fitted look. 

I highly recommend splurging on a few key pieces for nursing baby! It really makes a difference having easy access and something cute to wear. I am sure I'll end up with a good collection again for baby Apple since we do extended breastfeeding - my hubby and I agree formula money saved goes to nursing wear. :)

Note :: For those moms who love yoga or activewear check out their b-warmer hoody!! I didn't get one yet but plan to for baby fitness walks after Apple arrives. It was a good piece in my wardrobe for chilly nights and evening walks when I was nursing Kingsley.  

Check out :: for more great styles!


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