Twenty six weeks pregnant..

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The weeks are starting to speed up! I am now needing to think about the required basics I need for after birth. Breast pads, granny undies, a breast pump if she's early, baby basics like washcloths, soap, preparing her cloth diapers. I know most don't worry about this until mid thirty weeks but with a high risk pregnancy it's best to be prepared ahead! I'm hoping to have most essentials ready by thirty weeks. 

Lately, things have been pretty uneventful. I'm so used to the ups and downs, I didn't know how to navigate this relaxed setting. I can't complain though! I'll take the next ten weeks relaxing, and enjoying my big boys. It's easy to forget to absorb the moments with them while I can. New baby, breastfeeding, husbands new work and planning to travel back to our home in California will be an agenda full. No rest for the wicked.. right??? I don't even want to think about setting up our new home then too. Hopefully consuming my placenta will be the magic pill to get through everything this winter! Most importantly isn't losing sight on the special moments that fly by with a newborn. 

Notes :: 

I have gained 11 pounds to date.

I'm considering an epidural. Even though I did drug free all 3 kids and a homebirth last time. 

I love Apple and know I'm having her, but I don't feel that real connection with who's in my tummy yet. 

My favourite looks are shown below. 

Skirt by Isabella Oliver
Top by Baukjen

Skirt by Isabella Oliver
Top Custom 
Skirt and top by Ingrid and Isabel
Blazer by BCBG
Dress by Isabella Oliver
Leather vest from Nordstroms
Boots by Frye


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