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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

 I am bad at buying just one thing when it comes to baby gear. I often negotiate with my husband about why we need two bassinets, five strollers, a Monte nursery chair in every room of our house,

twenty baby carriers and much more. It is the beast of the business, and driven from a retailer background! I was always my best customer! Ha!

 Since we are in a bit of a transition moving again, and setting up after moving from Canada, I decided no baby furniture until we buy a house. That had a very short life! Here I am looking at baby gear starting to accumulate in our rental house. At first I was only going to buy one little item, a bassinet by Baby Bjorn (bee-yorn) . I picked up the cradle in white. It has nice airflow sides, and a springy movement to gently soothe baby. It is also light weight and has a beautiful canopy you can add as an accessory. My only complaint is I do wish it was taller. Now my plan was to only buy one, I'd use this for the first couple months exclusively, but that shopping birdie chirping on my shoulder would not let up!! Then it hit me, I do need another bassinet. Like 100%! It really is a good proper purchase, and not at all a waste of money. (enter sarcasm-and hubby if you read this we did it.) What about laying around the pool with baby? I can't put her in a pack n play. So after some convincing to my darling man, I picked up a Stokke Sleepi Mini. I honestly will get good use of it - I will be able to wheel it easily through doorways and outdoors. I am upgrading my Stokke with Nook Mattresses for both the mini and regular sizes. My mini mattress will be a custom make and will be about 3-4 weeks lead time. I'll post pictures of it when it arrives. The regular size Nook mattress is available from your Stokke retailer or by contacting Stokke themselves. 

 Below is my little set up I get to enjoy beside our bed until we move to a permanent home and start the 

nursery. I made the yarn items and added lace to my canopy. I have also included a few other great bassinet options with good aesthetics. 

Tip:  Top part can be used on its own 
for parents bed.
Tip:  Kit can be purchased to convert to crib.
Tip:  Rocks, stationary and on wheels.
Tip:  Metal feet give soft bounce


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