September's shopping for baby ...

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It's no secret I am a shopaholic. And when it comes to baby items I can go a little crazy! Here are a few of my favourite things I got recently. 

Sling by Sakura Bloom in Chambray
Moccs by Freshly Picked
Organic Sleepers by L'oved baby 
Bunny by Jelly Cat

Sling by Sakura Bloom in Silk
Blanket by RH Baby
Outfit by Zara
Soother clip and Hair band by Sophie Claire

Wool gown by ModSwad
Swaddle by Modern Burlap
Sleeper by Noppies
Onesie tops by L'oved Baby

My son hand crafted this display rack for me. 


Twenty four week bumpdate...

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Twenty-four weeks... It's finally here. 

This milestone is huge, it marks the first chance of survival for baby Apple. Last week has been the hardest on my mind. The hospital that I was treated at with my cerclage had a cut off of twenty-four weeks gestation and this is a typical guideline used. I started to read up on preemies and the rates of survival, along with the risks that come with being born too soon, these stats are hard to swallow. It scares me to think of facing the choices on how much intervention should be used, and at what cost to the baby. I believe no matter what the parent chooses the road is not easy. So this week is big to me as I couldn't imagine getting this far and losing her. She has a forty percent + chance starting now. Every week from here on out gains strong momentum, quickly jumping ten, then thirty, then forty more, before you know it I will be at thirty weeks with a ninety-five percent chance she is going to make it. That also comes with better success rates in overall health. 

My last weeks have been hectic with moving to Vancouver, Canada and trying to get settled in. I finally am feeling cozy in the new little apartment. I chose to live downtown so even though I may be at home and in bed most days, I can feel like I am in the heart of the action. This week I allowed myself to do some real shopping for baby (online) and gotten a few lovely packages in the mail. Shit is getting real up in here! ;) I can say it is really sinking in I AM HAVING A GIRL! Although, I am trying to not go all crazy on pink goods so I have ordered plenty of beautiful greys, and creams.

Baby gowns by Mod Swad
Baby wrap carrier by Beluga Baby
Printed Muslin by Buttermilk Baby
Shoes by Freshly Picked


I have gained 10 pounds to date.

I have been trying to start a whole30 every morning. Not good success.

Apple likes to snuggle really, really low on my bladder. Resulting in 55 washroom uses a day.

My favourite dress this week is my Isabella Oliver Dalman print shown below.


A photo shoot in the desert...

Saturday, September 5, 2015

I'm gearing up to head back to Vancouver, Canada this coming Monday. I had thought about doing a maternity shoot a while ago in the dunes. (Since we live in an area surrounded by sand) across the street from our hotel was this great backdrop and I couldn't resist begging hubby for photos! We used my thirty minute allowance up and whipped off these fun pictures.


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