Week eighteen at a glance...

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week eighteen started out pretty awesome!
I have started feeling better the entire day. Woohoo! My morning sickness traditionally is afternoon and night sickness and thankfully we are leaving those days behind.
 Last weekend I had just got back from a trip to Canada and was quite worn out. However, my hubby heard of this new found energy I was starting to get and that I wouldn't be running off to the bathroom to get sick or demanding to go home NOW! so he asked me out on a day date. Lucky for us we have a teenager who loves to make money. He asks all the time if he can pleeeeease babysit little King. (Warning to parents not yet in teen stage. This ends fast! Take advantage while you can!!)  I decided to put my plans on hold for that day - laying pool side with a virgin margarita... I knew better than to decline. Since isn't me who throws out the "dating is cheaper than divorce" comment? As busy parents we often forget to look at one another the way we did before we signed up to run this zoo of kids. We started our day with a coffee shop stop, followed by a drive down to the beach cities in SoCal. We had our much needed time together laughing with me talking nonstop as usual. We shopped, we ate, we went to the beach and we even held hands. It was the perfect and much needed reminder to why I am with Kurt... and why I need to calm my hormones down a little and not yell at the poor guy so much.
  Monday was our ultrasound scan and if you read my previous post you will know I got the go straight to bed rest card. My disappointment and tears hit hard that day. Crying a lot with fear and resentment I felt as though got sent to jail. Like when did I start the game of Pregnopoly? Luckily my few girlfriends around here knew this news would hurt and had been nothing but loving and supportive; telling me they will come sit with me in bed, asking what they could do to help and offering their shoulders to cry on. My laughter started again when I asked my dear friend Cheri if she can take over ALL husband responsibilities with a wink face via text. Her reply was "Sure, of course I can do everything! But do not expect me to cover all of those type bases!". At least bed rest didn't kill my sense of humor and teasing my much more reserved friend than I.Ha! Knowing at the end of the day it is silly to be so upset I am going to be chin up! There are so many things in the world worse than my situation. Given the fact I live life at one hundred miles an hour, slowing down isn't that awful. It is like smelling the roses every day and I am counting my blessings I am pregnant with a healthy girl... Day two of best rest wasn't so bad, day three got even easier and by day four I realized I can do this no problem at all. Goodness there is online shopping to keep me busy and who says I can't wear adorable outfits on rest? My take away this week is that it isn't easy to adjust but you can even and with Apple kicking harder these days that is my gentle reminder she's worth laying around.

Notes ::
I have gained five pounds to date.
My belly looks small in the morning but by mid day I am big again.
White bedding and food in bed do not mix.
Apple kicks most around nine pm. She is a strong one!
  My cravings this week are simple :: toast with garlic hummus, avocado and tomatoes.
I pretty much have lived off it.
To be thrilling and adventurous I added basil today. LoL!

Looks of the week...


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