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Thursday, August 6, 2015

 So the day had come where I had to break down and go buy some maternity jeans. I knew all to well this is one of the worst things to shop for! It reminded me quickly of the many years of selling maternity wear in my store and how I dreaded the women on the hunt for the perfect maternity jeans. It would start with them swinging the door open and strutting in the shop with a big smile on their face and beautiful pregnancy glow. “Where is your maternity jean section?” in that chipper excited voice. I would direct them to my denim section with a kind smile back all the while thinking “why me? Why couldn’t one of my girls be here to break her heart when she tries on every single pair of jeans I sell and can’t find the perfect one she dreamed of?” So off to the change room we would go with 5-25 pairs of denim to try on. By the time she found the acceptable pair both of us would be covered in full sweat and more often than not it was the first pair she tried on. 

  This brings me to last week and my hunt for skinny jeans that would offer that perfect fit. I had a last minute trip booked to go to Canada to see my family and knew I would need some denim to go the a barn dance and to fit in if I wanted to take a little stroll in the streets of my old tiny town. Before I started our 7 hour car journey to Saskatchewan (after my flight from Cali that was delayed hours and got us in at 2am making for grumpy mommy and kids) I found myself driving all over Calgary, Canada on the hunt for my skinny jeans. I tried to be the best kind of customer, I tried to be polite, I tried to love the first pair, I tried to resist the urge to take every pair in the fitting room and then I heard it come out of my mouth at the last store I went in… “I just can’t find good jeans. I don’t like the crotch wrinkle, the thighs, my bum in them, the pocket stitching, the ankle fit, the length, they are too dark, too light, too much denim stripe!” I became my worst customer nightmare! The ladies at Posh Mommy were kind and patient with me knowing I had been all over town on my denim pursuit. I reluctantly took their suggestion in to the fitting room and found a winner! It was like angels singing from above, the lights were shining down on me I FOUND SKINNY JEANS! I happily set my purchase down at the cash wrap, exchanged a couple stories about owning retail with the owner and gave a little sorry I was one of “those” customers. With a skip in my step and a smile on my face my kids breathed easy knowing the day of shopping hell was over and we all got to go back to our day of holidays and fun. 

  Below are some picks that had a good average on working for customers at my old shop and some of my retailer friends favourites. And a couple easy fitting boyfriend styles since those make our asses look saggy for fashion anyways! I am a sucker for that baggy look with a great pair of heels. 
Tip for Canadians if you're looking for Isabella Oliver email me for a retailer near you to save on shipping/duty to Canada.

 Paige Skyline Ankle Skinny
My perfect fit choice. Easy wear and denim will adjust with you. You may need to belt at end of pregnancy.
  Isabella Oliver Zadie
Slim styling with a medium weight denim. Foldover band will help keep these up until the end of pregnancy.

  JBrand Rail
A sexy fit in a dark denim styling. Not for the last months of pregnancy.
  Isabella Oliver Relaxed
A good fit front waistband that holds these in place.
 Paige Jimmy Jimmy ( a personal favourite!)
Easy to wear and you can take an afternoon siesta comfortably in these.

 Boob Design Tregging
Comfortable for every day wear! Also available in denim colour. Black looks great though!


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