Pregnancy week nineteen and twenty...

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Let me start by saying this was the craziest past couple of weeks. If you have been following along Instagram or Facebook, you'd know what I am talking about! 
The short version of the story is we ended up at twenty weeks getting an emergent cerclage due to no cervical length and starting to dilate. It was one of the scariest days I faced, I cried tears of fear and kept thinking how could this all be happening. I lost a baby at 10 weeks already this year due to it not growing or developing past 8 weeks gestation, and now I was faced with much worse. I prayed and asked for prayers, I even let it out how my faith was being shaken down, but those prayers were answered and it was not in the plans to lose baby Apple. After the successful surgery I stayed a couple nights in the hospital, followed by a check up a few days later. The cervix is healing well and has lengthened to a shocking 3.8! (That's really good from a negative 0) Since I have been preoccupied and on bed rest there isn't much else to report. I am still struggling with mood swings, have a very picky appetite, and am gearing up to move to Vancouver to deliver the baby there in the next week.
Notes ::
I have gained back the weight I lost, now totaling 5 pounds up.
I more than appreciate the circle I have through social media. The support and 
out pour of love helped us get through these times.
Cravings are roasted potatoes with kerrygold butter.
Husbands and kids can make for bad room service on bed rest.


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