My nursery chair pick...

Monday, August 31, 2015

In my house there is was one stand out option for glider nursery chair. 
Monte Design based out of Toronto, Canada.
About ten years ago I came across a new style nursery chair online. I researched the brand only to find out they were fully Canadian. This is very hard to come across in furniture for many reasons, including the important fair wages to the craftsmen. I decided to call them up and see if they would accept me as a retailer. (I believe I was one of the first few they opened.) My customers took a shine to these chairs, and I ended up getting one for my own home too. The quality was brilliant, they looked amazing and my staff loved to sell this brand since they always shipped when they said they were going to. If you have ever ordered from a company or store to be told six to eight weeks and got your product fifteen weeks later, you should understand why we liked timely companies. Monte started out with three chair options and a limited colour range, eventually dropping one of the low back gliders and adding more chairs and other products to their line, also adding more colors and fabrics to choose from. Every time I would see a new chair I would be overjoyed to show my customers, and I always ended up ordering new personal stuff for my home. The boys at Monte teased my addiction to restyling my home and featuring new chairs in new rooms. (At one point my home was like a Monte museum. LOL)  Even though I have a couple chairs that are packed away in storage waiting to ship to our new home this winter, I couldn't resist ordering the Joya in pebble grey with light wood base. This model is a rocker, not their glider base they are known for. I wanted the small footprint and wood detailing the Joya had to offer for our temporary space.

Monte Facts ::
Designed and made in Canada.
Solid wood frames.
Washable durable fabrics.(I have wiped many little customer footprints off)
Eighteen color options to choose from.
Include lumbar pillow.
No flame retardants.
Foam is low emission (low VOC) contributing to a safe and clean indoor air quality.
Different options to best suit parents home decor and need for comfort.


Pregnancy week nineteen and twenty...

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Let me start by saying this was the craziest past couple of weeks. If you have been following along Instagram or Facebook, you'd know what I am talking about! 
The short version of the story is we ended up at twenty weeks getting an emergent cerclage due to no cervical length and starting to dilate. It was one of the scariest days I faced, I cried tears of fear and kept thinking how could this all be happening. I lost a baby at 10 weeks already this year due to it not growing or developing past 8 weeks gestation, and now I was faced with much worse. I prayed and asked for prayers, I even let it out how my faith was being shaken down, but those prayers were answered and it was not in the plans to lose baby Apple. After the successful surgery I stayed a couple nights in the hospital, followed by a check up a few days later. The cervix is healing well and has lengthened to a shocking 3.8! (That's really good from a negative 0) Since I have been preoccupied and on bed rest there isn't much else to report. I am still struggling with mood swings, have a very picky appetite, and am gearing up to move to Vancouver to deliver the baby there in the next week.
Notes ::
I have gained back the weight I lost, now totaling 5 pounds up.
I more than appreciate the circle I have through social media. The support and 
out pour of love helped us get through these times.
Cravings are roasted potatoes with kerrygold butter.
Husbands and kids can make for bad room service on bed rest.


My bassinet pick...

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

 I am bad at buying just one thing when it comes to baby gear. I often negotiate with my husband about why we need two bassinets, five strollers, a Monte nursery chair in every room of our house,

twenty baby carriers and much more. It is the beast of the business, and driven from a retailer background! I was always my best customer! Ha!

 Since we are in a bit of a transition moving again, and setting up after moving from Canada, I decided no baby furniture until we buy a house. That had a very short life! Here I am looking at baby gear starting to accumulate in our rental house. At first I was only going to buy one little item, a bassinet by Baby Bjorn (bee-yorn) . I picked up the cradle in white. It has nice airflow sides, and a springy movement to gently soothe baby. It is also light weight and has a beautiful canopy you can add as an accessory. My only complaint is I do wish it was taller. Now my plan was to only buy one, I'd use this for the first couple months exclusively, but that shopping birdie chirping on my shoulder would not let up!! Then it hit me, I do need another bassinet. Like 100%! It really is a good proper purchase, and not at all a waste of money. (enter sarcasm-and hubby if you read this we did it.) What about laying around the pool with baby? I can't put her in a pack n play. So after some convincing to my darling man, I picked up a Stokke Sleepi Mini. I honestly will get good use of it - I will be able to wheel it easily through doorways and outdoors. I am upgrading my Stokke with Nook Mattresses for both the mini and regular sizes. My mini mattress will be a custom make and will be about 3-4 weeks lead time. I'll post pictures of it when it arrives. The regular size Nook mattress is available from your Stokke retailer or by contacting Stokke themselves. 

 Below is my little set up I get to enjoy beside our bed until we move to a permanent home and start the 

nursery. I made the yarn items and added lace to my canopy. I have also included a few other great bassinet options with good aesthetics. 

Tip:  Top part can be used on its own 
for parents bed.
Tip:  Kit can be purchased to convert to crib.
Tip:  Rocks, stationary and on wheels.
Tip:  Metal feet give soft bounce


Week eighteen at a glance...

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week eighteen started out pretty awesome!
I have started feeling better the entire day. Woohoo! My morning sickness traditionally is afternoon and night sickness and thankfully we are leaving those days behind.
 Last weekend I had just got back from a trip to Canada and was quite worn out. However, my hubby heard of this new found energy I was starting to get and that I wouldn't be running off to the bathroom to get sick or demanding to go home NOW! so he asked me out on a day date. Lucky for us we have a teenager who loves to make money. He asks all the time if he can pleeeeease babysit little King. (Warning to parents not yet in teen stage. This ends fast! Take advantage while you can!!)  I decided to put my plans on hold for that day - laying pool side with a virgin margarita... I knew better than to decline. Since isn't me who throws out the "dating is cheaper than divorce" comment? As busy parents we often forget to look at one another the way we did before we signed up to run this zoo of kids. We started our day with a coffee shop stop, followed by a drive down to the beach cities in SoCal. We had our much needed time together laughing with me talking nonstop as usual. We shopped, we ate, we went to the beach and we even held hands. It was the perfect and much needed reminder to why I am with Kurt... and why I need to calm my hormones down a little and not yell at the poor guy so much.
  Monday was our ultrasound scan and if you read my previous post you will know I got the go straight to bed rest card. My disappointment and tears hit hard that day. Crying a lot with fear and resentment I felt as though got sent to jail. Like when did I start the game of Pregnopoly? Luckily my few girlfriends around here knew this news would hurt and had been nothing but loving and supportive; telling me they will come sit with me in bed, asking what they could do to help and offering their shoulders to cry on. My laughter started again when I asked my dear friend Cheri if she can take over ALL husband responsibilities with a wink face via text. Her reply was "Sure, of course I can do everything! But do not expect me to cover all of those type bases!". At least bed rest didn't kill my sense of humor and teasing my much more reserved friend than I.Ha! Knowing at the end of the day it is silly to be so upset I am going to be chin up! There are so many things in the world worse than my situation. Given the fact I live life at one hundred miles an hour, slowing down isn't that awful. It is like smelling the roses every day and I am counting my blessings I am pregnant with a healthy girl... Day two of best rest wasn't so bad, day three got even easier and by day four I realized I can do this no problem at all. Goodness there is online shopping to keep me busy and who says I can't wear adorable outfits on rest? My take away this week is that it isn't easy to adjust but you can even and with Apple kicking harder these days that is my gentle reminder she's worth laying around.

Notes ::
I have gained five pounds to date.
My belly looks small in the morning but by mid day I am big again.
White bedding and food in bed do not mix.
Apple kicks most around nine pm. She is a strong one!
  My cravings this week are simple :: toast with garlic hummus, avocado and tomatoes.
I pretty much have lived off it.
To be thrilling and adventurous I added basil today. LoL!

Looks of the week...


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How do I start this post? With the excitement I am having a girl or the sadness I am now a high risk pregnancy?  Let’s start with the happiness.  

When we found out I was pregnant I didn’t have a last menstrual period (LMP) date to go by because of the complications my body had after our miscarriage in February. We paid a service to get an early ultrasound done to find out dating. During the ultrasound the tech so wonderfully blurted out her opinion I am having a boy. I was thinking “am I that far long they can see a penis already?”  I asked how she came up with her gender comment and she told me it was in her experience at looking at the baby and the heart rate. Now I knew to take this young lady’s opinion with a grain of salt but I was hit with emotions when I got in the car. A healthy baby is the most important thing and that of course isn’t any less on my mind but I will be honest... I dreamed of a little girl often in my life. Thinking how I would teach her to do her hair, pick out fancy little dresses and all the things that come with it. I do know and understand she may have been a tomboy and hate all things pink but there was still something to be said to having the same sex as me in our home. 
  A few weeks later I got my first OBGYN appointment and they wanted a dating scan and check up on the baby since I was already going into my second trimester. I wasn’t thinking it would be anything more than a routine check and for sure didn’t expect news on what sex the baby was since I was thought to be around 13/14 weeks. Alone I went into the ultrasound room as my husband waited in the waiting area. I laid back on the table while the tech pulled out her magical wand to bring that beautiful vision of my baby to the big screen on the wall. I was watching the little baby moving and waving and started to think to myself why would I ever feel emotions if he is a boy. I love my boys more than life itself and couldn’t imagine them as girls in my house. As a few minutes pass by and the tech asks if I have kids and how many. I reply with my standard yes and that I have 3 boys so they will be happy to have another boy added to their team. She stops then turns to me and asks how I think I am having a boy to which I reply my story of the last clinic and the feelings I am meant to be a mother of boys. That is the moment she tells me to look up at the screen, the moment I will not forget. She manoeuvres that magic stick to something I have never seen before. Like I knew I was seeing legs but these little lines in between those legs weren’t the same as the tell tale two lumps with a stick! “What does that mean?!” I ask with my heart dropping to the floor and my head starting to spin. She kindly replies with a smile “It is very much a girl. She is being wonderful in showing her lady bits and you my dear are having a girl.”
 Girl!! G I R L  Girl!! With tears flowing and my head whirling at lightening speed I'm processing what this lady just told me. Umm, how did this happen? Did God forget who he was giving this baby to? Was there a mistake in delivery of baby to parents?  This must not be true so I will deny myself in believing it until I can get further confirmations!
 Out I walk to my husband to let him know we are done. As he opens my car door he casually asks “So did they happen to see what it was?” I reply “girl” and close my door with a smirk. As fast as my door shut he had it open again asking me a million questions! Is it true? How do we know? Are you sure? And then his last words with tears in his eyes before he shut the door were the sweetest “I hoped I could give you a girl.” I fell in love again for the second time that day.
  We didn’t tell anyone as I wanted to be sure this was true and that leads us to today. The official day to find out the sex of the baby. I went in for my routine check up and 18 week ultrasound, this time with Kurt and Kingsley by my side. It was confirmed, my little girl had not grown a penis as I thought she would. With the joy of that confirmation came the low and unhappy news my cervix isn’t doing its job. About 5 years ago I started having abnormal PAP results and was being monitored every few months. A year ago the changes made too big of a jump and I was told I needed a LEEP procedure. The specialist assured me the risks and complications in future pregnancies are low since we were trying for our fourth and it was important to me. Sadly those risks were low but not zero and today I found out I was one of the low stats. My cervix is shortening. When I stand the baby’s head can put more pressure on it causing it to shorten more and possibly dilate too early. I was told I need to go on bed rest for 2 weeks and am referred to a high risk specialist who will tell me if I can continue to live simple with no lifting or strenuous activities or the other two options of full bed rest and/or to suture my cervix shut - basically sewing the baby in. I am praying that my over indulgence in travel and activities the last week played a role in this and simply lightening my activities are enough. I can handle taking it easy but I think I will go stir crazy without dinner dates with my husband and seeing the town once in a while. So prayers are welcomed that my appointment in 2 weeks goes well and that my husband does not poison me with his cooking.
 Here are my reveal photos that I luckily snuck in the day before ordered rest! A thank you goes to my husband (a business man NOT photographer) for taking the time to shoot me...I am certain at times he felt literal about doing so with my bossy ways of directing him.
Dress by Terani Couture (not maternity)
Bunny by Jelly Cat 


The perfect maternity jean...

Thursday, August 6, 2015

 So the day had come where I had to break down and go buy some maternity jeans. I knew all to well this is one of the worst things to shop for! It reminded me quickly of the many years of selling maternity wear in my store and how I dreaded the women on the hunt for the perfect maternity jeans. It would start with them swinging the door open and strutting in the shop with a big smile on their face and beautiful pregnancy glow. “Where is your maternity jean section?” in that chipper excited voice. I would direct them to my denim section with a kind smile back all the while thinking “why me? Why couldn’t one of my girls be here to break her heart when she tries on every single pair of jeans I sell and can’t find the perfect one she dreamed of?” So off to the change room we would go with 5-25 pairs of denim to try on. By the time she found the acceptable pair both of us would be covered in full sweat and more often than not it was the first pair she tried on. 

  This brings me to last week and my hunt for skinny jeans that would offer that perfect fit. I had a last minute trip booked to go to Canada to see my family and knew I would need some denim to go the a barn dance and to fit in if I wanted to take a little stroll in the streets of my old tiny town. Before I started our 7 hour car journey to Saskatchewan (after my flight from Cali that was delayed hours and got us in at 2am making for grumpy mommy and kids) I found myself driving all over Calgary, Canada on the hunt for my skinny jeans. I tried to be the best kind of customer, I tried to be polite, I tried to love the first pair, I tried to resist the urge to take every pair in the fitting room and then I heard it come out of my mouth at the last store I went in… “I just can’t find good jeans. I don’t like the crotch wrinkle, the thighs, my bum in them, the pocket stitching, the ankle fit, the length, they are too dark, too light, too much denim stripe!” I became my worst customer nightmare! The ladies at Posh Mommy were kind and patient with me knowing I had been all over town on my denim pursuit. I reluctantly took their suggestion in to the fitting room and found a winner! It was like angels singing from above, the lights were shining down on me I FOUND SKINNY JEANS! I happily set my purchase down at the cash wrap, exchanged a couple stories about owning retail with the owner and gave a little sorry I was one of “those” customers. With a skip in my step and a smile on my face my kids breathed easy knowing the day of shopping hell was over and we all got to go back to our day of holidays and fun. 

  Below are some picks that had a good average on working for customers at my old shop and some of my retailer friends favourites. And a couple easy fitting boyfriend styles since those make our asses look saggy for fashion anyways! I am a sucker for that baggy look with a great pair of heels. 
Tip for Canadians if you're looking for Isabella Oliver email me for a retailer near you to save on shipping/duty to Canada.

 Paige Skyline Ankle Skinny
My perfect fit choice. Easy wear and denim will adjust with you. You may need to belt at end of pregnancy.
  Isabella Oliver Zadie
Slim styling with a medium weight denim. Foldover band will help keep these up until the end of pregnancy.

  JBrand Rail
A sexy fit in a dark denim styling. Not for the last months of pregnancy.
  Isabella Oliver Relaxed
A good fit front waistband that holds these in place.
 Paige Jimmy Jimmy ( a personal favourite!)
Easy to wear and you can take an afternoon siesta comfortably in these.

 Boob Design Tregging
Comfortable for every day wear! Also available in denim colour. Black looks great though!

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