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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hi there!

First of all, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this. You are probably wondering who I am and what makes this blog any different from all the others out there. Well first of all I am a mom of 3 boys with another baby on the way and a 12 year industry veteran! It goes without saying I have changed many diapers, spent years with a baby on the breast and watched the ever changing products in the baby world for a very long time! Things have changed since I had my first born 17 years ago. It was 3 point harnessed car seats and going to forward facing didn't have an age. Now flipping your baby before 2 years is a sin and well I do believe this to be a great change for the better and safety of our offspring. Anyways, before this gets too long to read I better get on the to boring basics.

1) I am a mom 3 boys Braedy 17, Kaeden 13, Kingsley 4 and a newby coming early January.

2) I have a loving husband who has recently sold his restaurants in Canada and has relocated our family to the sunshine California state.

3) I owned and operated in the baby business a couple stores for 12 years and decided upon our move I was going to take a break from retail and once I got our family settled work on the other end of the baby industry.



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