What's in your closet?

Friday, July 24, 2015

  I started my love affair with clothes very young. I was that girly girl that would only wear dresses and skirts. I grew up in a small village in Saskatchewan, Canada and the winters were the most bitter cold you ever felt. I didn't care how often I was told to put pants on I was going to wear a dress and tights. Back then those awful tight ski-pants were my enemy, shoving my dress into the legs having it all bunched up in my crotch! But I was happy because I knew I had a dress on under the ugly snowsuit that was required. I felt like a princess ready to twirl. Clothing does something to how we feel about our image and how we express ourselves.
  Over the years I have changed how I shop and dress and what I keep in my closet. I do wear pants these days although limited. I am becoming more classic as time goes on. I buy better quality pieces that fit well and hold up after washing since dry clean only is out of the question with kids! My closet is filled to the brim but it has nothing I do not fit or wear in it. A long time ago I read that de-cluttering reduces stress. I actually believe this to be true. If you wear something that is a little tight, or have an old garment hanging from your skinny days it brings your mood down. You question yourself why aren't you that size again? Which leads to the "tomorrow I need to start dieting!" And so the cycle continues every day, every time you pick something to wear. Whether you have 20 items in your closet or 200 make sure those pieces make you happy. Clothing is about feeling good about yourself and an expression to who you are. 

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Baby number 4 coming soon.. rainbow baby.

 When I write that number "4" I think back to my early twenties and how I thought people were nuts to have more than two kids. I would ask myself why do they want to get all big and pregnant more than two times, why do you want to change that many diapers, have that many sleepless nights, and the worst of all things change from a nice sporty car to a big SUV or even worse a van!! But as time ticked on and I enjoyed my two boys more than life itself I realized having more wasn't so bad. Actually the opposite and that achy feeling came to have another. Kurt and I got pregnant quickly and easily and little King came splashing into the world. Literally, a home birth in the bath! We enjoyed taking him out everywhere since this time around I was a seasoned mom and I didn't care who saw my baby partying at Tommy Bahama's at 9pm. We traveled often with this new little one and our big boys and then came the day we thought we needed even numbers in family. We talked and talked about all the reasons not to have another baby but the feeling we weren't complete didn't leave us. We started trying for another after King's second birthday and it took us a while but we conceived finally after more than a year. I became quite ill quickly and something didn't seem right with the pregnancy. We went in for an early ultrasound at 6 weeks and seen the little heartbeat but that feeling didn't leave me. The following month we went back for a scheduled dating ultrasound and my instinct knew to expect the worse. The tech didn't see a heartbeat. We lost the baby at ten weeks and I was sent home to let nature takes its course. A week later we ended in the ER with complications and a rare infection and I was admitted for a few days after surgery. We were scared for my health and being an older mom was turning thirty six we decided to be happy with our three healthy children.

  Fast forward a few months, a surgery for Kurt to close the factory and a move to a new country. My body just wasn't feeling good or right. I was tired, nauseous, hadn't really had more than a spotting period and had the nagging desire to kill Kurt. After calming down and realizing jail time isn't a good look for me we got a test and bam! two lines before I could stop peeing. So here we are adjusting to that number again. Four, 4, quatre, cuatro!! No matter how you say it we are now going to be "those" baby maker families. Due beginning of January 2016.


Why I am starting to blog?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

  You are probably wondering why I am choosing to start a blog now. Well there is no better time than the present when you have thought about wanting to try something new. I toyed with the idea for a few years and actually did a couple blog posts I enjoyed attached to my old eCommerce site. Back then my writing was challenged by a bustling business, three kids at home, a husband who worked in another city during the week and did I say being a business owner? Things have changed for me these days. I gave up working, my husband sold his companies, we packed up our family in Canada and moved over 1400 miles to sunny California. It has been a pleasant adjustment staying at home full-time but it has also come with me roaming the house needing an outlet or a hobby. So here I am starting to write...

The future of posts will be about my life, family and products I love.

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