Carmen and family travels summer 2017...

Friday, July 14, 2017

We are going on an adventure!

I am packing up the kids, Babyzen Yoyo, Apple's Kabrita milk and my Britax car seats for a trip to Canada! All the important things! haha

We are going to escape the heat of Palm Springs for a few weeks. 

First stop! Seattle
Wednesday, July 19th I plan to do a meet and greet! I am thinking a nice casual spot like Elliott's at Pier 56. It is my favorite place to go for happy hour when I'm in Seattle! Don't judge me when I eat 3 dozen oysters! (I'll be there 2pm-4:00)

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Next we will be travelling to Vancouver. 
Our meet up will be at Brioche at 2:30 pm Thursday July 20th.  Additionally, I will be stopping by Westcoast Kids on Friday July 21 in the afternoon (1pm to 2:30) . It will be a great opportunity to talk baby gear one on one or meet Apple if you can't make it to the meet up on Thursday. I will be working with Westcoast Kids for Mommycon coming up the very next day.

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July 22
I am full of nerves! I feel like I will forget all the information I ever knew about babies, gear, breastfeeding, my name, everything!!
Westcoast Kids and Carmen the Modern Mom will present during the Mommycon conference. I also have a BIG surprise with a partner of Mommycon... all I can hint is Apple.
USE code Carmen5 to SAVE 5.00 off your ticket!

Onwards to the Okanagan Valley!
I will be taking a couple personal days to enjoy with my friends and to see my brother and his family.
July 25th I plan to do a casual meet up at The Salted Brick downtown Kelowna. I will be there with Kurt and the kids 2:30pm-4:30 ... of course packing gifts!

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Next stop the Kootenay's!
July 26th we carry on to Kaslo. This is where I will be posting magical Canadian photos of me looking so relaxed! I will be in Nelson a day so give me a shout out if you are in that area (since I am packing gifts for mamas!) and the rest of the time I will be in Kaslo with my husbands family. I can not wait to see my sister in-law and for my nieces to meet their girly cousin.

Making the trek back to Seattle.
July 30th we will be adventuring through wine country. Stopping over in Osoyoos for a night before returning to Seattle. I will be showing a couple of my favorite wineries along the way.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles..
Taking the train from Seattle to Vancouver and Flying off to Regina August 1.
I will confirm the meet up location and dates in Regina prior to the trip. This will be my goodbyes to my home I knew all my life. My Papa passed away while we were building the restaurant and now his home has sold. I will be collecting belongings, trying to take in all the memories I can and probably be crying often. The end of my trip will be snapshots of my life and reminding Kingsley and Kaeden of Papa so they won't forget who he is. 

After weeks away we will be travelling back to Palm Springs August 5.

I hope you all will enjoy following us! I plan to do videos for Youtube, lots of beautiful photos, and to show you how you can travel with kids.

I will be using my car seat on the airplane and will also show the Babyzen stroller folded up as a carry on. 

Fun prizes and giveaways for followers online and in person meet ups! There will be grand prizes like a Babyzen Yoyo stroller, Dockatot, Diaper bags from Ju-Ju-Be and MORE!!!

Choto Baby - Glamourmom, Moby Wrap, Posh N Plush, L'Oved Baby

watch for more sponsors to come! And a confirmed meet up venue in Vancouver and Regina!

My body challenge and the Nokia Body Scale...

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

When a business friend reached out to me about trying out the new Nokia Heart Health & Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale and watch. I immediately said yes! The reason I wanted to do this post was not only because I love the Nokia products I have used before (used to be Withings)  but because I thought it would give me a chance to talk body issues!

Lately I have been struggling with weight gain. Ever since I stopped nursing Apple 2 months ago weight is slowly (ok fastly.. but is that a word?) creeping on. I don't remember gaining as much after I stopped nursing my boys. I haven't been eating well because I barely eat breakfast, then get dinner so late or grab whatever quick food when I am starving. I am feeling overworked and really just mentally tired. I can't get myself to be motivated! While people may think I am happy with myself because I will post my outfits on IG they may not realize that it has taken 100 photos to get one good one! The angle needs to be right and even when all stars align I often cringe when I hit "share" on Instagram! I am desperately waiting for the cooler weather so I can start hiding my upper arms!

Well, maybe this fancy scale is my motivation! It is so smart it basically tracks everything. I do know one thing, when it told me my body fat was 26% and I started to freak out at that high number only to find out that healthy/acceptable is 25-30%  (fitness is 21-24%) that maybe I am being overly hard on myself and body.

So here are my plans and July resolutions!
I Carmen will do my best to eat healthy and stop beating myself up. I am going to use this awesome and fun tool to kick my butt into gear! I plan to use the APP to track my food, my steps, my weight (more so my bodyfat etc) and try my best to comfortable in my body that has had 4 amazing babies. I hope to get back to being more fit and happy with myself.

So what does this fancy combo of the watch and scale have to offer?


The scale ::

You download an APP on your smartphone and it tracks you and up to 7 more users. Perfect for watching your kids growth and health.

It offers a full body composition of weight, BMI, body fat, water percentage, plus bone and muscle mass. All this stays tracked on your phone! (Umm, why didn't I have this when pregnant??)

The medically accepted assessment measures your standing heart rate. This is perfect for getting to know your cardiovascular health.

Has a baby mode feature. Measure how much your baby weighs while stepping on the scale with your baby in arms! I love this if you are tracking your new baby's weight gain during breastfeeding and newly home.

Local weather forecast. Yes! If it is connected over wi-fi you will even get the weather forecast!

The watch ::

Tracks your moves, walking, running and sleep!

Enhanced tracking ability will detect and learn up to 10 activities you do like swimming, dancing, weight lifting and more.

Has a smart wake up option to help you wake up at the optimal time of your sleep. (this of course is not needed for those moms with baby alarms going off all night! haha!)

It synchronizes with the health mate app. Allowing you to know more about your health.

Has a silent alarm option to wake you up and not the baby!

Lastly, the health APP also has pregnancy mode! Such a great feature for expecting moms.

Available at Best Buy USA and Canada, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target

The new Dockatot La Vie En Rose print...

Monday, July 10, 2017

As everyone knows we are BIG.. no HUGE Dockatot fans!!

We couldn't be more excited when the La Vie En Rose print was shown to us at the latest baby trade show. Well actually I did get more excited when we were so lucky to receive a preview in hand!

Dockatot is releasing this print and 6 more new patterns coming this October.

If you are pregnant and needing a Dockatot before the print comes out don't worry because they will be selling the covers additionally.

Apple is laying in the grand size.

Close up of the La Vie En Rose print.

Sitting pretty.

As always Dockatot to the rescue with our tired girl!

Lark Adventure Wear the activewear for babies and toddlers review...

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Recently I was sent some outfits from Lark Adventure Wear to try out for review. I was excited to try them on Apple as she had tested their line a couple months back when they were in sample stage.

The Lark Adventure Wear is made from an eco-friendly, moisture wicking fabric. The fabric has been carefully made to meet Oeko-Tex® 100 standards to be certified. The soft fabric is made from a blend of bamboo and cotton.  Lark is made by a mom who knew how important comfort is. It was important to Pallavi Patil that she created clothes that would be breathable and sweat free. There are no synthetic fabrics or chemical finishes to create the sweat free Lark fabric.

Lark is designed to wick away moisture from babies and toddlers. It is made as an activewear for little ones but essentially will be used much more than that. It simply comfortable and you will feel happy knowing your putting your baby in something they can crawl, move and run in without restriction. When they tire there isn't a need to change them because there aren't those tight elastics that can dig into tummies or scratchy fabrics bothering them.

Apple wearing the bodysuit in 18 months.

The cute back logo Lark.

After trying on the outfits I was really happy with the great fit. The snaps were easy to use and stylishly designed with the side angle closure. They have the crotch snap opening for easy diaper changes. The body wasn't too wide so it looked neat and cute on. I find some rompers are made so wide they can look sloppy. The onsie shirts are a generous length that will give lots of room to grow.

They have full zipper access sleepers for parents that want quick and simple zips.

The onsie top shown on. Generous length for her size. I love that! Nothing worse than ordering clothing that comes way too small!

Lark Adventure Wear has bright fun colors available. They are a refreshing change for baby clothes. The combination of prints and contrast trims make them stand out!

The romper on the left and onsie style compared.

I love the way the neck style is! This is my favorite combo of colors. Yellow and pink are perfect together! I swear most of Apple's wardrobe are these colors.

Oh happy girl! 

Close up of the neckline and body fit.

Tag free for extra soft comfort. Making this a great option for sleeping in the summer.

So far the outfits have washed great! They kept that soft stretchy comfort that I liked from the start.

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